Crash Bandicoot N.Sane trilogy is a Playstation Exclusive?

Playstation Ireland have seemingly confirmed that the upcoming Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy will be a Playstation 4 Exclusive. 

Responding to twitter user @irishgamerman Playstation Ireland said the following;

“Hi David, this will be PS4 exclusive.”

While it should be noted that Playstation Ireland is an official blog. And it does act in an official capacity communicating Sony’s message to its customers. This is not exactly official confirmation…

…it is damned close though. And the fact that it wasn’t pulled down straight after, suggests that maybe there is no miscommunication here! 

The tweet however doesn’t say is if it is a full exclusive or a timed exclusive. 

Something tells me that this story is far from finished…

Resident Evil 7 Review

…there will be blood…and tears – mostly tears.


Capcom promised they would try and return to the roots which made us all fall in love with Resident Evil originally – scary atmospheres in unsettling locales and a scarcity of supplies. Although many of people where put off by the first person perspective I am sure you are all asking one question – did they succeed?

WARNING : The following will contain MAJOR spoilers of the games story. If you haven’t finished it please go and do so then return to read the review after!
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FeVRier: Call of Duty Jackal Assault Review


Infinite Warfare is undoubtedly the black sheep of the franchise – since its reveal it has met with nothing but derision from the hardcore fans who wanted “boots on the ground” gameplay and none of this “space bullshit”.

The thing is though, Infinite Warfare has done a number of things really well and the hatred of the title stems from nothing else other than “this is not a thing I want; give me my thing please” mentality.

Perhaps the best thing that came from Infinite Warfare is Jackal Assault. A free VR experience that does not require the base game – if you have the PSVR headset and 5 spare minutes you can experience this mode for yourself.

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