EA Shut Visceral Games

visceral1.pngWe have lost another hugely talented developer today dear readers; the insanely talented but ridiculously mis-managed Visceral Games have seen their doors shut for the very last time!

In shock news; EA confirmed via a press release tonight that they are shutting down Visceral Games with immediate effect. Continue reading


Frightfest 2017: Horror games that stopped being scary after their opening hour

cooltext262448911001401Welcome to this year’s Frightfest!

WE all play horror games for one reason and one reason only, to scare the living hell out of ourselves for a few hours with the safety of knowing that we can never be harmed by anything we are seeing! It’s exhilarating, liberating and God-damn exciting when a horror game is well crafted and it maintains its atmosphere for the entire duration of its running time. Continue reading

DOOM on Nintendo Switch gets a release date, and it’s really close!

Nintendo today announced (via twitter) the release date for the Switch port of 2016’s brilliant version of DOOM and it is bloody close!

November 10th is only 3 short weeks away and it makes the Switch’s Christmas lineup look absolutely amazing!

In the next 2 months we have Mario Odyssey (currently getting 10/10s everywhere), Fire Emblem Warriors, LA Noire, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Skyrim, Resident Revelations 1 & 2 and now DOOM all coming to the system! It is an incredible lineup with a game for every possible gamer (and we’re disregarding all that has been released in 2017 already for Christ sake!)

This is a gigantic difference from Christmas 2015 when I wrote an article about them giving up on the holiday!

Fair play to Nintendo for really driving home the support for the Switch and I hope they have an absolutely amazing Christmas. You Switch owners certainly aren’t hard up for things to play, if anything you’ve got too much!


Survival of The Fittest

…this is, do or die!

fortnite BR

The nights are getting longer and my skin paler so it must mean one thing, we are in Autumn again! As the leaves fall, so do our bank balances and social outings as we try to balance play time between the AAA games which seemingly release by the dozens per week. So, which of them will I be buying this month? Shadow of War? The Evil Within 2? South Park? GT Sport? Continue reading