MrLuvva’s Luv-In #57

August is nearly gone which means that September is about to begin – and with September comes…

…the Christmas games rush! Colour me excited though, new games are coming and it’s not a moment too soon; I haven’t bought one since ‘The Division’ so i’m well overdue! On top of that the PSVR is getting so close I can almost taste it (prepare yourselves for an avalanche of VR articles) – as well as our annual “Frightfest” celebrations – it’s almost too much.

Getting back to the present though I have assembled a crack selection of posts for your enjoyment. As always make sure you support these fine writers with a click of their links and if you have a good post you want to share with us, then please link it in the comments below! Continue reading

Titanfall 2 Initial Impressions

…Prepare for Titanfall.

Titanfall 2

It’s been roughly 2 and a half years since the release of Titanfall 1. A game which had me so hyped up I actually went and bought a Xbox One specifically for after playing the hell out of the beta on PC. So, how does Titanfall 2 compare? Continue reading

My Picks From Gamescom 2016

So Gamescom 2016 is underway and the information is slowly seeping out into the wild – some of the releases have been pretty awesome as well!


“Which ones Luvva?” I hear you scream – well slow down there partner; if I told you here (before the read more) then what will you read today?

I have been super impressed with much of what I have seen from Gamescom, there is a lot of good stuff coming our way; regardless of platform that you play on! So impressed in fact that I have had to edit this post down because there was just too much video causing the page to load way too slowly.

What follows then is the five games I am most looking forward to playing from Gamescom. Continue reading

What We’ll See At Gamescom 2016

Gamescom is here today untilĀ and it promises to be the biggest ever…


…unfortunately there are no major press conferences to look forward to. Sony are hosting their own event on the 7th of September, Microsoft have an “Xbox Fanfest” event planned for the duration of the show, EA are having their “day before party” and even Blizzard are releasing a video just before the show opens for the industry.

I’m also going to tell you right now that we will NOT see anything of the ‘Project Scorpio’ or the ‘Playstation 4 Neo’.


What I love most about Gamescom however is even though it lacks the bombast nature of E3 it is all about the immediate future; companies use this show as a way of reminding us all about the games we are going to be playing this winter. I love this! Continue reading

MrLuvva’s Luv-In #56

This week I have a bumper crop of posts for your enjoyment and consumption!

Over the past week there have been two games that have dominated the blogosphere Pokemon GO (still…) and No Man’s Sky. Needless to say there are a lot of posts about both coming up – so if you’re sick of either DO NOT PROCEED!!!!

GET BACK HERE! That was a joke! Come read these posts that I have compiled for you; you ungrateful jerk!

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3 No Man’s Sky Meta Games

So ‘No Man’s Sky’ was released the world over this week and if you read my last post (if not, why not?) you’ll know that I am not in the least excited by the game. I did not buy it and I have absolutely no intention of doing so anytime soon; perhaps ever!


What I have been doing though is chatting with my friends who are super excited by ‘No Man’s Sky’ and checking out a few live streams (but not for long, it is not exactly a “spectator sport”).

Today however on my usual cycle of internet site surfing I realised that there are quite a few hilarious ‘No Man’s Sky’ META games that can be played by people like me.

Here is a small selection of the games I have been playing while avoiding the game… Continue reading