Couch co-op: The new/old king of multiplayer?

…because making fun of someone over voice chat just isn’t the same.


Wednesday sees the release of Arrowhead Game Studios new game ‘Helldivers’ coming on PS4 – billed as a local co-op experience that will get the heart pumping it seems that local co-op is beginning to be taken seriously again. If we couple that game with the 4 player split screen co-op promised by Gearbox Studios in the Borderlands : Handsome Collection.

It seems that coach co-op is making a comeback of Leonardo DiCaprio standard of late 2000.

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A streamers diary (Feb)

I am just a guy, playing games.

They are just people, who like watching games

If November, December and January were my teething months – the point in which viewers will give you leeway on technical hitches and issues then that makes February my first ‘real’ month of being a streamer.

This was a pressure that I embraced and as I scoured the internet looking for ways to avoid issues, pre-empt problems and cure what ails my stream and I think I have succeeded in all these counts.

February was a massive leap forward for and I think that my stream is unrecognisable from those first few months.

Hi guys, and welcome to my update on my experience of a twitch streamer for the month of February.


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Watch_dogs…my review

‘Watchdogs’ was the poster-boy for the next generation, on release though the public’s perception was that it was less a centerfold and more of a mug shot.


The critical reception was neither scathing nor overwhelmingly positive, it was middling – unremarkable was used among other terms.

Recently I stated that ‘Watchdogs’ gets far more hate than it deserves; what was it though that makes my opinion of this game deviate from many critics and the majority of gamers?

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This week at LuvvaLuvva Towers (15-22/02/2015)

Its been a good week for us here in LuvvaLuvva Towers. For the first time in months I actually had written three posts – MrJohnSherry was too busy this week and I picked up the slack – turns out I still got it! BONUS WIN!

In other news I ended the week with 82 followers on twitch (although for some reason twitch is counting it as 81 – clearly 82). Our next target, and giveaway, will be when we hit 100 followers; so if you haven’t yet followed me over there (shame on you!) nows the best time to do it…I wont hold it against you.

We also had a busy week traffic wise (several of our posts caught the imagination) and as such you may have missed something…so here’s the best of last week, and the schedule of streams for this week.


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Games that get a lot more hate than they should!

No MrJohnSherry post this week – a real shame, he loves the rants. I’m not gonna try to take his place – instead I’ll give you some list goodness.

Since it’s a week from valentines day and MrJohnSherry explored the theme of emotions; I thought I’d look at the opposite of love – hate.


Specifically games that get a lot of aggro and hate on the internet that is not really deserved. Lets get this clear, I’m not looking at games that have a little pocket of haters, I’m more interested in games that have a huge voice of derision on them, games that are universally panned by gamers…without any real need for it.

“Where did you get the inspiration for this article?” I hear you ask dear reader, well let’s just say that my 4 In February has opened my eyes to a few games that would fit this bill. And on that note, let us begin our countdown.

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How should we define “value” when it comes to gaming?

the order

Damn you fine; but you’re too short for me

We are just around the corner from the biggest launch of 2015 so far; ‘The Order: 1886’. Sony has placed a massive emphasis on the marketing of this title and once again a developer has gone and put his foot in it.

Amid claims; made by a YouTuber, that the game can be beaten in less than six hours Ready at Dawn responded by saying that we should be worried about “quality, not quantity”. The reason that this has kicked up so much controversy is because Ready at Dawn also came out and knocked down the claims saying that it was a lie – then backtracked and stated that it is possible to beat the game in 6 hours but only if you ignore the story and race through the game as quickly as possible – they intend their game to last 8-10 hours.

Hardly epic proportions there. It got me thinking about how I value the games I buy, what is it that makes me think “yeah; I’ll get my moneys worth here! Have my £40-£50”?

I am one of those people who used to use the classic ‘how many hours can I get out of this game?’ type of value. Recently however I have found this simple system to be flawed.

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Battlefield:Hardline BETA…my thoughts


Bad Boys, Bad Boys, whatcha gonna do?

I recently played the “BETA”; and I use that term lightly, for the latest in the super-successful battlefield series, ‘Hardline’. The reason I’m down on calling this a BETA is because it is so close to release that our input will make no real impact on the final product; well beyond the expected day one patch.

I just wish publishers would bring back the term demo, because that is what this is.

What did I think of the experience?

Grab a pew and listen closely!

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This week at LuvvaLuvva Towers (19-15/02/2015)

This week has been an absolutely mental one! The tail end of it was crazy – I was working until 11pm on Thursday and had to do it all again Friday! As a result my streaming schedule went right out the window (in fact I only got two streams done this week).

I will be making up that lost streaming time this coming week though! So scroll down to that stream schedule section and see the good stuff!

Enough complaining; here’s the posts and highlights you may have missed this week!

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Top 3 Most Emotional Scenes In Videogames (major spoiler alert!)

It’s that day again, MrJohnSherry post day! Oh yeah, it’s also Valentines day.

…right in the feels.

Seeing as it’s valentines day, a time to show that special person in your life how much they mean to you; I thought it would be the appropriate for us to discuss the one thing not much gamers want to admit – the scenes in videogames which left us emotional wrecks. So without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Special warning, this contains spoilers on ‘The Walking Dead : Season One’ by Telltale Games, ‘The Last Of Us’ by Naughty Dog.

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Awesome boss fights in gaming (Update: 14/02/2015)

Last week I looked at those boss fights that were done wrong, the ones that almost ruin experiences and the ones we wished we never fought.

To bring balance to force I thought it only fair that I now examine the boss fights that have you scream “HELL YEAH”, the ones that are so awesome that you tell all your friends, the ones that make you feel like an absolute bad ass!

What follows are four of gamings greatest boss fights; complete with videos of all their glory!

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