Three Franchises Which Need Resurrected

….An Corp!

Everyone has a franchise that they loved when they were much younger. Man of these franchises have been in genres that have been deemed “unprofitable” by major publishers. Kickstarter has really dispelled many of these myths and several dead genres have been resurrected and many have not.

Recently I have been thinking which franchises I would love to see being resurrected, mostly as big surprise announcements at the upcoming E3 (2 week HYPE!).  Continue reading

7/10 Game-a-Thon: Murdered: Soul Suspect


The window smashes as you are thrown through it.

Looking up, you see your assailant. Hooded and masked. You fire a few shots from your government grade pistol, hoping for a lucky shot as your body hurtles towards the ground.

With a crunch you land. You’re not dead, seriously hurt yes, but not dead. Your assailant walks to your side, picks up your gun and puts 5 bullets into your body.

You feel the icy grip of death on your shoulder.

This is the first few minutes of ‘Murdered: Soul Suspect’ and it sets the narrative in motion instantly. You are dead. There is no respawn here, you will remain a ghost, with no clues and no earthly body you go on a quest to find your killer so you can pass on to the afterlife.

The question remains though, is ‘Murdered: Soul Suspect’ dead good? Or just dead on arrival?

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#NBI2015 Talkback Challenge: Deadly Gamer Sins

Another week, another Talkback challenge, this time put forth by Joseph Skyrim! He has quite cleverly created a questionnaire using the deadly sins and transposing them into a video game context. All in an effort to get a better handle on our gaming habits, GG Joseph Skyrim, GG!

Lust – Do you enjoy games more if they have scantily clad and “interestingly proportioned” avatars? Do you like playing as one of these avatars? Why or why not?

To be honest no. There is something very unsettling about watching an uncanny valley approximation of what a human is trapeze about in a state of undress.

I will say this though, the sex scene in ‘Heavy Rain’ raised more than a giggle from me, I was literally crying as the game was trying to convince me that this was a sensual scene when in actual fact it resembled the sex scene from ‘Team America: World Police’ more.

I’m not saying that I would avoid a title that had scantily clad ladies (or men) in them, some of my favourite games have included some form of this. ‘Dead or Alive 2’ had the “jiggle” physics, ‘Bayonetta’ had flashes of nudity and a sexualised protagonist while Lara Croft had her assets (Kappa). Continue reading

Mr Luvva’s Luv-in #11

I have been mental busy this week, finalising my paperwork for the school year and catching up on marking I should have done ages ago! I’m going to be pushed into catching up with the posts that I missed already this week, pressure is on but I’ll succeed, I just gotta believe (to quote Parappa the Rappa).

here’s my latest Luv-In that should’ve went live on Sunday. Sorry for the huge delay…

…Better late than never I guess Continue reading

Are We Becoming Too Cynical?

…Fool me once, shame on you

…fool me twice…

…Shame on me. I believe that is the saying, and recently this has become the unspoken mantra for gamers across the world. All you have to do is read enthusiast forums such as NeoGAF to see how hateful some of the community is becoming. For example, take the thread based on the new Need for Speed game set to release in the autumn of this year, and all you will see a lot of people complaining about things we have no idea about. Or hilariously things a lot of Need For Speed fans have asked for quite some time now (even some of the users who post on that very forum)! Continue reading

#NBI2015 Talkback Challenge: What Made You A Gamer?

In everybody’s life there are watershed moments. Events that are either great or terrible, ones that convince you to stay the path you are on or divert into a new path and hope the outcomes improve.

My gaming life is full of moments like this, a series of events and moments so sublime that they reinforced my love for this hobby. The story of what made me a gamer is one that transpires over the course of a good lot of years, but I feel it is interesting enough to warrant a post so…

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#NBI2015 New Bloggers Update and Community Spotlight posts

Well, including this in my weekly roundup didn’t go too well at all! I only went and bloody forgot didn’t I?


Anyway, when the opportunity presents, I will create a new  post lol! In this here series I will be highlighting the new bloggers that join the NBI every week and also link to their contributions to the weekly talk back features.

Please bare in mind the purpose of this series is to highlight the newbies, for all the responses there is already an awesome post (and I’m sure it is not easy either) on the newbie blogger initiative site that I will link to 😀

All in one handy post – God, how nice am I?*

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This Week at LuvvaLuvva Towers (11-17/05/2015)

Over a year gone and we are still hitting those three posts a week out of the park (although in recent times its proved to be a little bit of a struggle, what with IRL things taking over).

Last week was a good week with regards to posts, the first week in ages that I didn’t create a list (although Sherry did) so that was a little bit of a needed break. Here’s the posts, highlights and this weeks schedule – just in case you missed anything! Continue reading