Twitch Announces Affiliate Program

…. better than nothing!


Twitch has been making some big moves recently with their sub-tier announcements and what have you but it all had one thing in common – it only affected the partnered streamers. Well, today we have our first announcement that isn’t for already partnered streams. Continue reading


Preparing for Youtube

…creativity don’t fail me now!


Today marks the 2 week and one day window towards a little indie game from Hello Games called ‘No Man’s Sky’, not too sure if you guys have heard of it – you probably have. This game to me has my head doing swirls with ideas I could finally get my teeth into and start creating youtube videos that actually have substance. Continue reading

Local Co-Op Games I’ll Be Playing Over Christmas

cooltext152318081713357Precisely a year ago (unplanned I promise, a happy coincidence) I wrote a post about the games I’ll be playing with my family. Part celebrating Christmas, part celebrating the dying art of local co-op (you can find that very post here) – it went down well and was one of December’s highest viewed posts.

Well, here is the 2015 edition – the games that I will be relying on to bring the family together and keep us laughing together long after the crackers have been pulled.

I present to you a list of local co-op games that guaranteed to lead to a very merry Christmas. Every game has special tips to help you eck out every ounce of fun! Continue reading

This week at LuvvaLuvva Towers (4-10/05/2015)

The past week was one that, at the beginning, looked like it was going to continue the trend of being incredibly busy. I pulled it out of the bag in the latter half of the week (thanks for being so patient with me this past week btw) and met our three post a week pledge!

And those three posts were good’uns too! If you missed anything here’s the traditional weekly round-up, complete with stream highlights and my stream schedule (not gonna lie to you, I completely forgot these last week).

Continue reading

Best Streams on Twitch 2015 edition


Around this time last year I compiled a list of the top streamers you should watch right away; maybe even yesterday! Like everything in technology, streaming is incredibly competitive and there is a little arms race going on at the moment, this is great for us viewers as the content is just getting better and better!

We’ve been meaning to update this for a while, and what better time that during our big anniversary celebration?

Don’t worry thought you’ll find no shameless self promotion of my stream anywhere in this article! I’m not that shallow!

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