The Pros and Cons of Twitch TV…

…And I love what you do, don’t you know that you’re toxic.

In his weekly post MrJohnSherry has chosen to examine the audiences that conjugate around streamers on

This past week, I have been watching a lot of different Twitch TV streams, ranging from 30k viewers to less than 10 viewers – and no matter what size of the audience, there always seems to be the same sort of dynamic in Twitch chat.
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Shadow of Mordor – a review to rule them all

With the Hobbit trilogy (I still cannot believe they stretched it that far) now complete there is a lack of Lord of the Rings in the world today. Monolith Productions and Behaviour Interactive are hoping their collaboration will remedy this and give fantasy fans their fix.


Who needs Peter Jackson?

However with a game that was subject to a number of small-scale scandals during production and an attempt to wedge a story into a book that is over 100 years old is it possible that this game lives up the name?

Is this game “my precious” or a precious waste of my time?

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Alien: Isolation – a review

2014 has been called by some “the most disappointing year for games since the crash” and while there were a number of high-profile flops, disappointments and broken games there were also some absolute cracking games in there as well.


I spent a lot of time aboard the Sevastopol space station during the end of 2014; question is though – was this another high-profile disappointment or was it a cracker?

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This week at LuvvaLuvva Towers (19-25/01/2015)

Another busy week here (incredibly busy actually – my posting schedule has been up the left) but we’ve made it through and come out the other stronger; and more willing to entertain than ever!

Here’s what you missed last week; and what you have to catch up on before this weeks’ content attacks your eye holes tomorrow!

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It worked fine when we had it…

…you guys must have broken it!


AC:U was a right mess…who’s to blame for games being released in shoddy form?

To continue on from; my quite fun rant, last week; I think we should delve a little deeper today – whose fault is it for broken games these days?



The consumer?
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My treasured gaming memory – A Recipe.


My one true MMO love

Before I begin this tale – I have another; somewhat shorter, story. A week ago I was minding my own business (this is a lie; I was playing games) when all of a sudden…I was introduced to a website called Man Crates.

Being a man myself; my interest was piqued and I investigated the website and it’s actually a pretty cool idea! They deliver crates that are full of man-swag including a new dad tactical bag, whiskey boxes and most importantly of all; retro gaming and super retro gaming crates! Hell; you even need a crowbar to open these boxes of delights! If you are a man; or you have a man in your life who’d like this stuff go check them out…as I say it’s a cool website and worth a gander.

Anyway it gave me a good idea for a post – what was the ingredients for my perfect gaming memory…I’m not one to turn my back on inspiration so…are you sitting comfortably?

Then we’ll begin.

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Evolve BETA…our thoughts


Several months ago I played the ‘Evolve’ Alpha test and came to the conclusion that it was good with some minor caveats; but the game definitely had potential (you can read that article right here)!

In case you don’t know what ‘Evolve’ is here is a video of some gameplay.

Now that we’ve had the BETA let’s see if my thoughts on the game have changed and if it’s any closer to fulfilling its potential.

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