This Week at LuvvaLuvva Towers (18-24/05/2015)

Again, another late post! sorry Guys 😀 (forgiveness please)

Here is my recap for the past week, if you missed something you’ll find it here, alongside my stream highlights and schedule for this week (even though it’s Tuesday already). Continue reading


This Week at LuvvaLuvva Towers (11-17/05/2015)

Over a year gone and we are still hitting those three posts a week out of the park (although in recent times its proved to be a little bit of a struggle, what with IRL things taking over).

Last week was a good week with regards to posts, the first week in ages that I didn’t create a list (although Sherry did) so that was a little bit of a needed break. Here’s the posts, highlights and this weeks schedule – just in case you missed anything! Continue reading

This week at LuvvaLuvva Towers (4-10/05/2015)

The past week was one that, at the beginning, looked like it was going to continue the trend of being incredibly busy. I pulled it out of the bag in the latter half of the week (thanks for being so patient with me this past week btw) and met our three post a week pledge!

And those three posts were good’uns too! If you missed anything here’s the traditional weekly round-up, complete with stream highlights and my stream schedule (not gonna lie to you, I completely forgot these last week).

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This Week at LuvvaLuvva Towers

Last week was super busy for me (Late April/Early May always is in my line of work) and as a result my posting suffered, I still got four out, but two were my anniversary celebration posts that were intended to be surplus to my regular schedule!

Anyway this week should see posting back to normal, if it doesn’t I apologise in advance; but aside from any unforeseen event, it will be back to normal.

Here’s what you may have missed last week though. Continue reading

This week at LuvvaLuvva Towers (6-12/04/2015)

A good week was had last week! It was the first time that these pages have experienced the sound of 200+ views in two consecutive weeks! It was also the week that our streaming really kicked it up a notch, in three streams I picked up 15 new followers and am now closing in to my target of 150 at an alarming rate!

School’s back again this week and as a result my streaming will revert back to close to my normal schedule!

What have you missed?

Well, here’s the posts from last week, the stream highlights and of course the stream schedule for the next week!

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This week at LuvvaLuvva Towers (30/03-05/04/2015)

It is April! This month is the anniversary month of my starting this blog! Since then I have had over 6,000 people come and read my bizarre and; at times, shit mumblings!

I will be celebrating the anniversary by posting up my favourite posts of the past year (especially those I feel got too little views) and updating several of my lists to raise awareness of great streamers, youtubers and bloggers!

Fear not though, these posts will be surplus to our regular (and still perfect record) three posts a week! Imagine a world with more Luvva – what a time to be alive!

As always I will be posting up what you may have missed; although this week has been amazing for the blog! For the first time ever we recorded two consecutive over one hundred views days!

This week was also the second busiest ever!

March was also our second busiest!

Here’s to our second year of blogging! Thank you to all the readers who have stopped by here and read my words, you guys are the best!

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This week at LuvvaLuvva Towers (23-29/03/2015)

Well, the calendar pages keep falling (like tears in the rain) and we keep putting out that content you guys love to read (apparently) – March was officially our second best month ever! Thank you all so much for continuing to come to these pages read the rants and raves of mine and MrJohnSherry’s!

Here’s the weekly round up of all that was great in the sphere of LuvvaLuvva – make sure to join me on stream this week – ‘BloodBorne’ is on the menu!

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