PlayStation Plus & Games With Gold March 2018


Well, it’s happened again; I’m well behind the news – but we’ve not let it stop us before and we ain’t gonna start now!

Here’s what each service is offering for the month of March; spoiler alert (as if it is a spoiler at this stage) it’s a humdinger! Continue reading

PlayStation Plus & Games With Gold February 2018

psplusAnother month, another “news” article that’s a solid two weeks late, but here nonetheless. I am well aware that you’ve probably played, completed and deleted them off your console in preparation for next month; but this is for my “who wins 2018” post next January.

Here they are, in record-breaking brief fashion; Continue reading

Streamer Full Combos Through The Fire and the Flames, blindfolded…

Yes you read that headline right! A Twitch streamer called RandyLadyMan (terrible name) got a full combo on Through the Fire and the Flames by Dragonforce from GH3 (although he was playing Frets on Fire).

To my knowledge this is a world first! It is also a ridiculous thing to achieve and anyone who ever played Guitar Hero will testify to the amount of skill and muscle memory needed to even dream of doing this.

RandyLadyMan has worked his way through the most difficult song in the game (some would say in the genre) using nothing but his memory and audio cues – I couldn’t even get halfway through this song during my GH/RB obsession stage!

I don’t know what to say except…Fair play RandyLadyMan!

Unbelievable tekkers!

Here’s the video of this unreal triumphe of the human spirit! Continue reading

PlayStation Plus & Games with Gold: December 2017

Well, it happened again; I’ve been so busy that I missed the two announcements and here I am; nearly a week after the fact – just now putting up the games they announced.

No doubt you already know them (and downloaded those you want) so this article is merely for my end of year review of the services. So rather than me flog a dead donkey, I’m just gonna list the games and a sentence explaining my excitement/ambivalence. Continue reading