My Picks From the PSN Easter Sale

PSN is having yet another sale, and again it is absolutely brilliant which will be brutal on wallets all over the world! 

However with over 700 offers spread over the three (four if you count PSVR) platforms; how in the hell are you supposed to find the good stuff?

It’s a good thing I pre-empted this question, because I have chosen a number of games that I think are worth your time or the money investment!

There is less than a week left to avail of these amazing offers; so get that credit card ready and prepare to weep as you purchase more games than you could ever possibly play! 

You’re welcome!

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Games that remind me of Christmas #4


It’s better late than never!

The Christmas season has officially begun at Luvva Towers (and with only a week left to the big day – Cheers Luvva; or should I say Scrooge?!) and what better way to forward to the big day than by looking into the Christmas’ that have passed?

I will have content, pretty much every day this week for you in an effort to make up for a last quarter with less than 1/3 of our usual output! I know it won’t make up for that, but it will; hopefully begin to atone for it!

Our first post celebrating the most Jesus-y of days is of course a continuation of a series we started last year; talking about games that remind us of Christmas, even though they may have nothing to do with Christmas in content.

To refresh your memories; my first game was ‘Ridge Racer’ (you can read why here), I’ve covered ‘Tomb Raider’ and even Sherry has chatted about ‘Rock Band’! Which brings us bang up to date and the first reminiscing of this year; which is going to be ‘Assassin’s Creed’! Continue reading

How Gaming Leaks Are Killing The Industry

Welcome to a new series that I am calling “Devil’s Advocate” – in this series I’ll be taking contentious issues in gaming and look at them from both sides of the fence! Let’s get the discussion following in that there comment section!

touts will be shot

I come from Northern Ireland. A country that has been torn apart by terrorism. A country that has been trying to rebuild for nigh on twenty years. A country that “touting” on anyone you knew to be in a terrorist organisation, was (and kinda still is) a crime punishable by being shot in the kneecaps and left for all to see.

And yet we are living in a time where people who claim to be a “AAA Developer” with access to console developer kits, taking their “knowledge” to the internet in a vain bid to become “internet famous”. And these touts are absolutely destroying the industry they claim to love in a number of ways. Continue reading

The most ridiculously priced things in gaming

Continuing on from my last post we’re continuing our journey into the cost of our hobby. today’s post is focusing on the things that are expensive (in everyday money) and those that are just ludicrously priced for one reason or another.

If anyone out there has any of these items, please let me know!

I have no idea what type of person has this type of disposable income, but I’d love to meet one.

Without further ado, let’s look at the “everyday expensive” things. For the record I will be counting anything that is less than half of the average yearly income in the UK (roughly £22,500) as “everyday expensive” a loose definition I agree, but as you’ll soon see, this does not really rule out anything.

You won’t believe some of the asking prices here!

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7/10 game-a-thon: Deadly Premonition: My investigation of quality (review)

“I’m Special Agent Francis York Morgan. Please call me York, everyone does”

These words sum up ‘Deadly Premonition’ better than I ever could! If everyone calls him “York” then why go to the bother of introducing yourself with your job title, full name and end with what you prefer to be called! Why not just introduce yourself as “York”?


You’ll find yourself asking questions like this throughout the entire duration of York’s investigation of the ‘Raincoat Killer’ – you’ll also find yourself laughing, getting scared and wondering why that musical cue was there!

You’re probably aware of ‘Deadly Premonition’ and its status as the best/worst game of the last console generation. So you may want to consider this review my investigation into whether or not you should commit your time (and it will require a substantial investment) to ‘Deadly Premonition’.

Should you play this game? Let’s look at the evidence and come to the right verdict.

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This week at LuvvaLuvva Towers (10-16/11/14) plus we need your input!

It’s been a big week here at LuvvaLuvva Towers! After being asked on several different occasions we created our Facebook profile page! So get over there and like us! On top of that we have been streaming and posting our regular posts.

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