The Last Guardian Thoughts

… Dog-Beasts Are A Mans Best Friend.

Trico and me

I am back! I know I said it last time, but life has been so hectic this summer! I thought it would have giving me more time to dedicate to the blog but instead it has been a giant vacuum sucking up all my free time! I whole-heartedly apologise! Now that is over with, I want to discuss my experience with The Last Guardian. Of course expect spoilers so if you still haven’t played it – I recommend you turn away from this article and go and do so! You have been warned! Continue reading

E3 2017 Round Up and Thoughts: Nintendo

img_3433Nintendo have avoided doing a press conference at E3 for the last 3 years now, instead opting to do a Nintendo Direct, which up until this year – hasn’t really paid off for them. The reason behind this is simple; they spend too much time on one game and neglect to have a strong support of smaller titles to keep us interested. While they didn’t stray too far from this template; what they did show was incredibly strong and exciting for Switch owners and those hoping to buy one in the near future.   Continue reading

My picks from e3 2017 

IMG_3433Here it is folks, my game picks from E3 2017! Prepare to be excited and prepare to be disappointed because I know for a fact there’ll be people in both camps!

I can’t please you all, and to be honest – I’m not even going to try!

This list is based entirely off my own personal taste; so, if you want to flame them, please do it in the comments or @me on twitter! I will try to better justify my choices if you can give me a succinct reason why you disagree with them being on my list!

Let the fun begin. Continue reading

Ubisoft E3 Conference Predicitons


So far we have had EA, Microsoft, Bethesda and Devolver Digital wow the world with their new gaming news. Well, some more than others anyway! Devolver Digital have so far stolen this years E3 – seriously, if you haven’t watched it yet , you can do so right now by clicking right here! Next up on the agenda, Ubisoft. So what can we expect from Ubi this year? Continue reading

EA Press Conference Predictions

ea e3

Hooray! It is the return of E3 – aka A Gamers Christmas! Luckily, life has calmed down a bit as well so I actually have time to sit down a right a post about it! For the next few days me and Luvva will be bringing you what we expect in these conferences as well as a few cheeky wish-list predictions! So, shall we begin with EA? I think we shall! Continue reading

E3 2017 is open to the public

E3 is the epicentre of all gaming news – with the gaming worlds eyes directly on it – mega ton announcements come by the boat load. 

Over the years we’ve seen some almighty slobberknockers as the big two try to take chunks out of each other in the stage at the Los Angeles Concention Centre. Well I say “we have seen” but what I mean is we’ve watched the streams because it’s not open to the public…

…but not anymore! This years e3 is open to the public for the first time ever! They are making 15,000 tickets available for general purchase. That means from June 13-15th for $250 (with early bird tickets on sale from this Monday for $150) you will be able to take to the show floor and mingle with industry big wigs! 

This is a good move in my opinion as it may just entice companies like Nintendo (who have eschewed the show for the last few years) back to the convention centre and help turn it back into the razzle dazzle show it used to be! 

My Anti-picks of E3


In my last post I stated that this years E3 was as good as I can remember; there were tons of great looking games announced and plenty for us to look forward too! However that doesn’t mean that every reveal was a success. Far from it, there were many, many reveals that fell flat or were greeted with a response of “why is this a thing?”

Here are my selections of the things that E3 convinced me NOT to buy. Continue reading