Metroid 2 remake has Hard difficulty locked behind amiibo

In yet another blatant anti-consumer move Nintendo has confirmed that the hard mode (imaginatively called ‘Fusion Mode’) will be only unlocked by the metroid amiibo Continue reading


Famous console malfunctions -Part 2

MALFUNCTIONLast Thursday I looked at the two biggest hardware malfunctions in gaming – but they weren’t alone; far from it! Every major console manufacturer has had issues that somehow sneaked past QA and made it into the public domain.

The issues here are far less serious than those in Part One; in fact it is completely possible that you never knew these issues existed because you probably never experienced them. I can assure you that there were/are a very real thing!

Here we are then, three more console malfunctions of varying severity.

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Iterative Consoles Are Terrible For The Industry

Since the last time when we looked at the rumours of iterative consoles with an optimistic eye (read that here!); Phil Spencer has come out and called the idea of an Xbox 1.5 silly. However this could be a smokescreen and we must remember that every coin has two sides, and this coin is no different.

Rather than a tails though, this two sided coin potentially has a massive FU to consumers!

Lets take a peek at how iterative consoles would be terrible for us and the industry at large! Continue reading

MrLuvva’s Luv-In #37

Another week, another post shy of the complement! Things aren’t going well with the whole “I promise I’ll make the traditional three posts this week” stuff.

Not. At. All.

Yet I’ll say it again, I’ve thrown some things to the way-side (video stuff) in an effort to make some time for that all important third post. Fingers crossed it gets sorted for this week; I’m confident it will! Next week, I’m off all my jobs so I can get a tonne of writing done and hopefully this two post business is put firmly in the past.

This is not what we’re here to talk about though. No siree Bob! We’re here to highlight what others have written, we’re here to celebrate the fine posts of the community here at Luvva Towers – we are here to get some exposure for the posts that truly deserve it!

Here’s what I have been reading this week. As always, please support these posts by clicking the links; and if you know of any posts that deserve exposure post them in the comment section! Continue reading

2015: A Year in Review Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of my (personal) year in review! Catch up on Part 1 if you haven’t already!

July was the first full month of the summer holidays and it was dominated by Caiden. Visitors were still coming down in their droves and presents were being brought at an alarming rate. Even though tiredness was the default feeling – it is amazing watching a newborn develop, soon he was making facial expressions and his first smile was a magical moment!

Being a newborn though means that he was feeding every four hours. Like clockwork. He would wake up no matter what time it was or how tired Mrsluvva or I were. Nobody told me how much of a ball ache bottle making is either! Night-time feeds were the worst and consisted of the following steps:

  1. set alarm for 30 minutes before baby is due a bottle
  2. boil kettle
  3. leave it to cool for 15 minutes
  4. add formula and shake
  5. leave to cool for a further 15 minutes
  6. feed baby

Babies also eat very slowly (they have tiny stomachs) so a good hour and a half was spent on every feed. Throughout July I spent these night feeds watching Game of Thrones – and it was glorious. I was living the life – a newborn baby who was super cute and an amazing TV show I had; for some reason, given up watching after 5 episodes when it was originally aired!

I finished season 1 and 2 in a week. MrJohnSherry lend me season 3 and 4 on DVD – I had those finished by the end of July.

Gaming wise I did very little gaming over the course of July. I streamed twice and both times I played Bloodborne and Rocket league, both are great games. MrJohnSherry also visited me with a gift of Batman: Arkham Knight, but I didn’t really play it until August.

Game of the month: Finding Sleep

Month Score: 9/10 Continue reading

Anticipated games that will miss 2015!

You know the score, games get announced, games get delayed and others; well they get canned!

This is a metaphor! Imagine the man is a game. Now imagine the bus is 2015. HIGH BROW SHIT!

As you’ve probably noticed (in our games list posts here and here) 2015 is shaping up to be an absolutely outstanding year for us gamers! It is also shaping up to be an incredibly busy year with major releases; seemingly, every month! It’s inevitable that developers will miss their release date due to unforeseen problems, technical hitches and not wanting to go up against ‘Call of Duty’ in November.

Here’s three games we think will miss the year – with a handy explanation of why we picked them!

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Are pre-orders still a pre-requisite?


09/09/14 –  A date that will live in infamy, not only was it the day that saw the release of “the biggest game of the year”™ it was also the day that yet another online pre-order of mine led to nothing but disappointment.

When i rose from my bed there was no ‘Destiny’ awaiting me to rip open its cover, smell the disc and then install…no the postman had only delivered bills and disappointment. He may as well have woke me and punched my face in, his betrayal will not go unnoticed come Christmas card time.

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