Children in Need: Top children characters in video games

We’ve been looking at moustaches this month in LuvvaLuvva Towers. While we’re in charity mode it would be criminal to overlook the biggest charity event of the month…


…that’s right! It’s that time of year again guys! Children in Need had it’s annual pledge drive last night and raised £32,000,000! Hugely impressive!

To celebrate this we’ll be looking at the children in games who deserve our help and on Tuesday, those who most certainly do not!

Without further ado we present the best kid characters in video games.

*****************THERE BE SPOILERS AHEAD****************************

6) Duck (The Walking Dead)


Duck, the annoying little brat from episode one! Constantly getting himself; and others, in trouble and needing bailed out by you! He’s responsible for at least one death in the series.

So why’s he here?

Well, in episode 3 you have to investigate the missing supplies…and Duck offers his services as a side-kick! It is in this section of the game that we see the real Duck…he’s just a kid who wants to be useful to the group and accepted. For me having Duck “help” was a real game changer.

And when you high five him at the end?

The look of sheer joy on the kids face says more than any lines of dialogue ever could! Duck was cool…I say was because they kill him soon after; and you are the one to put him out of his misery (if you want to save Kenny a job of killing his son)…RIP Duck!

5) Young Link (Zelda: OoT)


Whats not to love about Young Link? He is chosen for a special task, to save the world! AS A CHILD!

Of course this journey from youngster living life in Kakariko Village will lead him through a time travel device and into his adult years in matter of minutes. Normally this would be enough for anybody to call it a day…does it phase our Link? Hell no; sure he looks around confused for a second but he plows on with his mission, a man with a one track mind, fantastic.

The time travel element would seem a cheat in the context of this article, but remember that link is immediately older, he has no life experience to delve into when the going gets tough! This shows that he was born to be the hero of Hyrule!

4) Jimmy Hopkins


This guy. This guy. This guy is a bit of a legend. He has to go to Bullworth Academy because his mum has remarried and their honeymoon is a year! The reason that Jimmy is on this list is obvious, he’s a smart arse! He’s funny, sharp and quick with the abuse! watch the opening credits to see what I mean;

You’re back? Good! We’ll continue. Jimmy is also known to fight the good fight for those students who are being bullied; he also runs around kissing girls and breaking their hearts…he is a LAD!

3) Little Sisters (Bioshock)


Little sisters are the most heartbreaking of narrative devices used in ‘Bioshock’.These children are mentally conditioned to collect ADAM and physically sacrificed to a sea slug parasite all in the name of keeping Rapture going. They are the true victims of Ryan’s empire…truly they are innocent.

The Little Sisters are immune to damage while they have the sea slug in their bodies, and they are paired to a protector Big Daddy…this combination makes them a veritable badass and stiff opposition for the player who is trying to set them free (or harvest them for their sweet, sweet ADAM).

For my money these characters are the enduring image of ‘Bioshock’…tragic heroines who are obliviously living in a world that doesn’t want them and no longer has any need of them (except as a source of ADAM).

2) Ico (ICO)


Another example of a tragic hero. ICO is born differently from the rest of his kind and is promptly thrown into a casket and left for dead in a castle full of horrible creatures that want only to hurt him. A classic case of humanity being lost by those who look the most human…ironic then that the boy with the horns would be the most human character in the game.

ICO gets lucky and breaks free only to see a girl being chased by monsters…he rushes to the girls aid and vows to escape with her. ICO is a beautifully simple game, a series of puzzle rooms through which you escort Yorda to your eventual freedom. There is a real tactile sense of relationship and you physically witness the bond between the two characters being made and growing stronger.

The simple mechanic (act if you will) of holding a weaker persons hand is used incredibly powerfully. By bringing her through these situations you are teaching her survival skills and showing her that not all is lost in this world! ICO is hope! ICO is love!

ICO may be a boy; but like ‘Link’ before him, he was born to be a hero.

1) Clementine (The Walking Dead)


Another child character who is incredibly innocent, another child whose world is crushing her, another child who was born to be a hero.

Clementine is simply the greatest child character ever devised in a video game. She is the embodiment of all the above children and sprinkled with something extra. In the first season we witness her growing from child into an adult. Who can forget the scene were she wants to cut her hair, or the scene were she sees her parents, or the scene were she has to kill Lee to save him from becoming a zombie! Clementines story-arc is as empowering as it is tragic.

In season two we witness her finding her role in a new group, she is a glue and she is also the wisest of the characters. She has grown up in this world and it is irrevocably changing her, we are witnessing the evolution of humanity in this young girl and it is as scary as it is hopeful.

Have we missed out your favourite child character?

Have we included a character you can’t stand?

Tell us in the comments below!


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