Deformers Beta Information

…can you fly bobby?


No, no no, this is not an April fools! Ready At Dawns new game is getting an open Steam beta this weekend! This isn’t what you are probably expecting from Ready at Dawn after the dark and gritty game that was “The Order 1886.” They have replaced the rough looking men and werewolves for…. fluffy fat animals? Continue reading


Splatoon 2 Testfire Beta Live!

…still can’t believe they didn’t call it Spla2n 😦


If you have recently purchased a Nintendo Switch and blasted your way through Zelda, you may be completley lost and what to play next and it may even be gathering dust already. Fear not! For the Splatoon 2 beta is live throughout this weekend! Continue reading

Titanfall 2 Initial Impressions

…Prepare for Titanfall.

Titanfall 2

It’s been roughly 2 and a half years since the release of Titanfall 1. A game which had me so hyped up I actually went and bought a Xbox One specifically for after playing the hell out of the beta on PC. So, how does Titanfall 2 compare? Continue reading

Battleborn BETA Thoughts

BETA season is upon us; and in a rather generous move, Gearbox and 2K allowed gamers a full 10 days of their new MOBA ‘Battleborn’. On top of this long time to play there was also an absolute metric ton of content in that BETA too, 2 story mode missions, 2 multiplayer modes, 25 heroes and 3 progression systems!

Almost too generous; but it’s better than struggling for things to do!

While it was undoubtedly heaving with content all of it would be for naught if it wasn’t worth playing. So the question is, should you buy ‘Battleborn’ come May 3rd? Continue reading

Doom BETA Thoughts

‘Doom’; the grand-daddy of the modern FPS genre is staging a comeback. Bethesda are the latest to try to capture what made ‘Doom’ such a runaway hit in the early to mid 90s and over the weekend they opened a BETA to the general public and allowed us all to sample what they have in store for us on May 13th.

Recently Bethesda has had a massive amount of success by resurrecting ancient franchises; ‘Wolfenstein: The New Order’ successfully melded old-school ideals with more modern trappings we’ve all become used to. They’re obviously hoping to capture lightning in a bottle again with a much bigger franchise…

…the question remains though whether it was worth resurrecting the ‘Doom’, or is this a franchise best left in the annuls of history. Continue reading