Trans-Galactic Tournament Beta Thoughts

…May not be representative of final product.


Rewind to Wednesday morning and I was just casually browsing the internet when I came across a tweet from Playstation Europe reading “Trans-Galactic Tournament now available in the EU!” Now, I can’t be the only one but my first thought was “What in gods name is Trans-Galactic Tournament?!” So I thought I would try it out so you don’t have too – but really, you should!

Now, I will say I am in no way a MOBA type of guy. I hate League of Legends and I have next to no interest in trying games like Smite (on the low though, Blizzard, if you fancy throwing me a code when Overwatch comes out, I won’t say no!) So I went into this feeling very…unexcited? I am not sure if that’s the proper word and it isn’t really the right type of mentality to try out a new game, but boy was I wrong!

You know the saying “Never judge a book by it’s cover”? Well, I should live my life that way because I am genuinely taken back by this game. It doesn’t play like a normal MOBA. Sure, it has similar type of game modes – and more, including my personal favourite “Plunderball” but more on that later. Game play-wise though it couldn’t be any different.

While you do have a list of characters to choose from, there is progression outside of the main game, like permanent stat bonuses etc. So there is some hidden depth that may not be apparent on the first couple of games. The games themselves do not play like a MOBA. It actually reminds me of old-school arena shooters. Jostling for angles on your enemy rather than mashing the absolute life out of your controller. That is the biggest difference.

The game modes come in three types – “Plunderball” a Capture The Flag type of affair, first to 3 wins or whoever has the most at the end of the timer. I have had a few games go to Sudden Death, and while you can capture the ball to win in a Golden Goal type of affair, you can just go full murder mode and if you kill all the opposing team you win too. So there is multiple ways that game mode can end up. “Conquest” is a typical 3 bases with the teams competing for them, first to 100 points win. This game mode is ok, can’t really fault it, however when you capture a base it spawns 3-4 minions for your team. My main problem with this game mode includes them, they are FAR to easy to kill. Seriously, we are talking 3-4 hits MAXIMUM with your most basic attack. It’s very bizarre. Then you have “Annilihation“, take my advice, don’t touch it. It is a boring run of the mill TDM and just turns into absolute chaos – and not in a good way!

Overall, I am very very surprised with this game – I was not expecting to like it at all. So, if any of this resonates with you, I highly encourage you to go download it and give it a try – it’s free and all your progress will go with you to the full release whenever that is.

BONUS: I have actually done a couple of youtube videos on it, so if you are interested here is the first video – enjoy!

Have you tried out the beta yet?

Do you have any intention too?

Let us know in the comment section !


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