Adult Gaming

…sometimes life just gets in the way.


First of all, not that type of Adult gaming, so you can get your minds out of the gutter! I am talking about more how do we find time to game while we deal with lifes everyday challenges and annoyances and how it has personally affected my gaming life. Continue reading


I Love Gaming Culture!

…we are a happy-go-lucky bunch really!


As much as we all get up in each others throats about how much my Xbox could beat up your Playstation, there are these unique little moments in time where everyone just appreciates the goodness in games and what they have accomplished within their genres. Continue reading

2016: A (Gaming) Year in Review Part 3

So part 3 of our series looking back at 2016 from a gaming perspective (you can read part 1 and part 2 by clicking on them).

The year had built up a head of steam and quality titles were being released regularly, but now we’ve hit the summer games drought (why is this still a thing?) – the dreaded time of year when very little is released and we all have to look into our backlog for something to play (yet always end up playing something else).

2016 was no different. July and August saw us with a thin release schedule and some of what did come out…

…well they were brought out because they were shit and wanted to capitalise on gamers desperation for new titles. Luckily we didn’t fall for it; mostly speaking. Continue reading

Sony E3 2016 Predictions

…it’s the most wonderful time, of the year!


Come on everybody, step on up! We have games for sell! This year, or next! Or quite possibly even the following! Aren’t you all excited?! Yes ladies and gentlemen, it is E3 time once again – so here at the Luvva Tower we thought we would do and give you our predictions (which we did quite good on last year!) so you don’t have to worry about missing those pesky E3 conferences! 2.00am GMT Sony? Naw, I will just read it on the blog a few days before hand thanks! Continue reading

My Problem With Peoples Opinions

…..But we all have one.


Lately I have been getting a tad bit salty over certain peoples scoring policies and what they come out with. It started with the frankly absurd IGN score for Ubisofts latest title “The Division” – you may have heard about that on this blog! Yesterday, a new frankly absurd opinion surfaced on the internet, about the same game but this time from “Angry Joe”. Continue reading

The Division Impressions

….when Society Falls, We Will Rise


I thought long and hard about this, it was originally going to be a review but I whole-heartedly feel that giving a game like “The Division” or even games like “Diablo” or “Destiny” a definitive score is not the wisest decision. Let me explain. Continue reading