MrLuvva’s Luv-In #38

Here it is, the start of my mid-term break and surely the first week in 7 that will have my 3 posts (and a forth from Sherry)! You have my word on that guys!

We are not here to discuss the odds of me following that through though (currently sitting at about 10-1); rather we’re here to see what I have been reading this week. And I have been reading a lot of stuff, it was the most difficult week for me to condense down into 7 posts. But condense I have! Here are what I consider to be the best posts I’ve read this week!

As always, click each link and if you want to supply your own links, please do so in the comments!

Hey, That’s My Fish Review. No, Seriously That’s My Fish, You Pillock! – Not video game related, but it is tabletop gaming so that counts! I feel that the good ol’ fashioned tabletop games get forgotten about in our new-fangled video game world – which is unfair as they are amazing fun with friends. Speaking of good fun; this review is certainly that! My only complaint is that Wolf missed the obvious joke in the title, if it was me I’d change the “pillock” to “pollock”.

Get Your Hands On Epic Mythic Pokemon – Last week I got excited when I read on TAGN that Mew was being made available to players worldwide (I picked mine up on Wednesday, thanks TAGN). Now though Simple Reasons To Press Start have really added to the story, every month will see the release of a new mythic – I am excited by this an I look forward to picking up all my delicious, free Pokemon!

Dying Light: The Following Game Review – Buttonsmashers are no stranger to my Luv-In posts and; true to form, this is another fantastic game review! Go read it!

In My Time Of Dying Part II – this is a really humourous exploration at the ways in which developers look to kill us! This post was expertly crafted and it certainly got me laughing on more than one occasion; well worth a read so make sure you do just that!

Your Game, How Do You Find Time To Game? – A question that is really relevant to me at the moment. With working full-time, being in a long-term relationship, living with my partner and having a small baby gaming time has become a really precious commodity. I game at night when Li’l Luvva and Mrs Luvva go to bed. This was a really interesting post – please go and contribute to the discussion!

Link Dead Radio: Rules and Reviews – Eri supports her community by linking to their work! That means you get twice the amount of great content if you click! Do it! You know it makes sense!

Unravel Your Memories – The second post fronm Simple Reasons To Press Start! Excellent work! Why did I pick this? Because I feel that Unraveled has been unfairly ignored by most gamers – don’t be like that, click here and watch the video, you may enjoy what you see!


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