Things I Miss In Gaming: Part 1

I remember being a kid everything was exciting, there were no worries or issues (although weirdly I used to lose sleep worrying that people would die) and everything was fun. Being a kid was amazing – I used to do whatever I wanted, when I wanted (well when I was allowed to).

As I’ve gotten older though my life has slowed down; as a teenager I got bogged down by GCSEs and the pressure of doing well in school. In my later teens work got in the way of fun and now that I am an adult, with a child – fun has definitely fallen down the pecking order of priorities.

Why am I giving you the history of luvva lesson? Well games have followed the same trajectory! In the early (ish) days they were all about fun and as they’ve gotten older the pressure of making money has taken over from that and they have become much more subdued (read as mature).

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5 big Gaming Surprises IRL

About a month ago I told everyone who follows me on twitter to sign up for the Pokemon newsletter because they were advertising that everyone who signs up would get a code for one of the legendary birds(distributed at random). Well this morning I got my email and instead of just one code, I got a code for them all! What an awesome surprise!


It got me thinking, what are the best surprises that gaming has ever given us?

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Gaming Mechanic Fads

Gaming mechanics are literally, the fundamentals of every game we play; they govern everything in every game. They are why we love (and hate) some titles and genres. They aren’t just important they are imperative!

And yet they, like everything else in gaming, can become a slave to the fashion and throughout gaming history there have been many, many instances of mechanics being implemented because they are cool, rather than they improve the game. Some of these mechanics were awful and some were awesome, I’ll leave you to decide which is which.

What I have here are some of the biggest gaming mechanic fads that have transpired in my lifetime – if you can think of any more, please tell me in the comments/twitter/facebook. Continue reading

Local Co-Op Games I’ll Be Playing Over Christmas

cooltext152318081713357Precisely a year ago (unplanned I promise, a happy coincidence) I wrote a post about the games I’ll be playing with my family. Part celebrating Christmas, part celebrating the dying art of local co-op (you can find that very post here) – it went down well and was one of December’s highest viewed posts.

Well, here is the 2015 edition – the games that I will be relying on to bring the family together and keep us laughing together long after the crackers have been pulled.

I present to you a list of local co-op games that guaranteed to lead to a very merry Christmas. Every game has special tips to help you eck out every ounce of fun! Continue reading

The most ridiculously priced things in gaming

Continuing on from my last post we’re continuing our journey into the cost of our hobby. today’s post is focusing on the things that are expensive (in everyday money) and those that are just ludicrously priced for one reason or another.

If anyone out there has any of these items, please let me know!

I have no idea what type of person has this type of disposable income, but I’d love to meet one.

Without further ado, let’s look at the “everyday expensive” things. For the record I will be counting anything that is less than half of the average yearly income in the UK (roughly £22,500) as “everyday expensive” a loose definition I agree, but as you’ll soon see, this does not really rule out anything.

You won’t believe some of the asking prices here!

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Local multiplayer games you should be playing tomorrow!


Hopefully Santa will give you everything you want and that at least one gift is a video game. Presumably everyone will have family visiting tomorrow and this means that your gaming time will be severely limited for fear of being “anti-social”!

Fear not dear reader!

There is an easy way of getting around this is by whipping out those local multiplayer titles that allow you to sociable while still partaking in that gaming goodness!

Here’s a few titles you should be playing tomorrow with granny, granddad, niece, nephew, son, daughter or wife – anyone who darkens your door should be given a controller and sat in front of the TV to play!

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The best racing games ever?

To celebrate the start of the second ‘The Crew’ beta (which will prompt us to update our thoughts post) we thought we’d go through the annals of our gaming history and pick our favourite racing games of all time.

The racing genre is one that we thinks gets and unfair amount of criticism because when they are done right they are amongst the best games to play regardless of system…these are our favourites!

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