Firewatch Review

…I always feel like, somebodies watching me!


Straight off the bat, let me assure you this will be a spoiler free review! So lets get right into it!

Firewatch is a story-driving game from the guys over at “Campo Santo”. You play a character called Henry, who has came to escape from his own personal life troubles, so takes a summer job become a forest ranger where his whole purpose is to stop forest fires. Nothing too out-there! I can’t go into too much detail about what Henrys personal troubles are – as it was the BIGGEST surprise for me in the whole game – I didn’t expect it at all and it caught me right in the feels!

Of course you are not alone on this journey, as you are constantly talking to another Fire watcher in another tower called Delilah. The dialogue and the voice acting for these two characters are absolutely top notch, as is the attention to detail in the world and the art style they chose for it. The story starts off rather innocently but starts twisting and turning more than Luis Suarez in the penalty area. I really don’t want to say an awful lot on the story but I will say I found it really satisfying and brilliantly written. The pacing however could have been a bit better!

Sadly, this leads me to my one grievance about this game. If you are playing on the PlayStation 4 like I did, you WILL get some pretty shocking performance. Frame rate is up and down like a yo-yo and I ran into two major bugs. One being when I paused the game for a toilet break, I came back and unpaused it and the WHOLE game world had become a blurry mess. I had to restart the software for it to go back to normal.

I also got about 45-60 minutes from the end when a major story plot point didn’t trigger, resulting in me to go through the WHOLE game again, which was a bit of a bummer!

Overall, for the asking price of £13.49 (£14.99 usually) if you like story – driven games and around 3-4 hours play time (and I did explore!) This is a great game to get away for a bit with. Just hope they patch it!


Have you played Firewatch?

What platform, and if on PC did it run smoothly?

Let us know in the comments!


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