PlayStation Plus Games November 2017

I’s that time of the month again; expectations are sky-high after an amazing October and Sony have…

…maintained their momentum with a solid (if unspectacular month).  Continue reading


PlayStation Plus Games May 2017

PS-Plus-giugnoIt’s that time of the month again, the last Wednesday – which means only one thing! Gross disappointment and online flaming of Sony’s choice of games for the next months PlayStation Plus offerings!

I’m being facetious of course, PlayStation Plus has actually been very, very good this year! And May looks to be continuing this trend (we as far as the PS4 is concerned) and although it’s not as good as the preceding months it still houses some inspired choices (especially for VITA owners)!

Here they are then – your free games on PlayStation Plus. Continue reading

Playstation Plus Games March 2017

It’s Wednesday before the first Tuesday of the month (god damn that’s complicated) so that means Sony have announced the PlayStation Plus games for this month!

And its a bloody interesting month that also has some excellent titles on offer, no doubt about that! There is a day one release title, a great platformer and more than a few interesting games that blend very uncomplimentary genres. Looks like it’ll be a fun month for all three platforms!

Here’s what you can download for free come March 7th. Continue reading