MrLuvva’s Luv-In #40

Here we are, the end of an era. This will be the last post of the Luv-In, in its current format. From next week every post I like will make the cut so depending on volume of good posts, there may or may not be a descriptor beside the link.

This week though, I have seven very good posts for you! It’s been a busy week too, Pokemon celebrations have gotten underway in spectacular fashion – we saw the release of Blue/Red/Yellow in the e-shop and everyone I know is playing it! Pokemania has returned!

Getting back on track though, remember to click each link and support these great posts and posters!

Pokemon Turns 20 Today – TAGN has written a superb piece about Pokemon and some of his memories of the franchise! I suggest reading this post and visiting his Pokemon section, there are hundreds of posts there about the franchise and they are all worth a read!

Thinking Aloud – Izlain is back with a post about why he hasn’t blogged consistently and the games he has been playing recently! I love this type of off-the-cuff posts, there is something genuine about them; the informal nature also gives us a window into the author. Besides this there is a lot of content in here and it’s well worth a read!

Pokemon Holds Nothing Back For Its 20th Anniversary –  A great and colourful post from Buttonsmashers that literally has everything planned for Pokemon’s 20th anniversary! If you are in any doubt as to how serious Nintendo are taking this, click the link!

Firewatch (PS4, 2016) – Murf with a review and its a really well-written review at that! When reviewing a “walking simulator” or any other narrative heavy game it is incredibly difficult to avoid spoilers. But Murf has done just that here so click and read in the knowledge that nothing is ruined here! GG Murf!

Why You Should Take A Look At Scalebound – I like Platinum Games, I also like dragons but for some reason I am not at all interested in ‘Scalebound’. Dina though, has piqued my interest with her post – I didn’t realise that there a mechanic that says if either the dragon or you die its game over! I’m hoping that means perma-death and not just an annoying escort mission sense of the term! I hope Dina knows!

THE WITNESS Review: Perplexing, Beautiful, and Not for Everyone – This Is Another Castle is quickly becoming my go to place for video game reviews! They are always detailed, honest and incredibly well-written and this is no different; get over there and read this if you are still undecided or if you’re curious what they think about the game!

Street Fighter V…Thanks But No Thanks! – I myself had a rant about the state of play with ‘Street Fighter V’ and it’s good to see that I’m not alone in my disdain in what Capcom are trying to sell us! Cary has put it more eloquently than I did here! A fine read Cary!


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