Street Fighter V Review

…Another Fight Is Coming Your Way


After many iterations of Street Fighter IV, Capcom have finally decided that they should probably move on with their lives and fighting game fans should do the same. So last week they gave us Street Fighter V! So how did it end up? Let’s find out!

Instead of reading the review, why not watch it instead? We try our hand at video reviews! 

As a non-hardcore Street Fighter player I thought it would be a good idea to go through the Story mode, which before I went into it I knew it wasn’t the “final” mode and would act more like a prelude to the actual mode which will be released down the line. I decided I was going to main Laura, so I went to the story tab and jumped in. Little did I know it would last for four fights. That’s right, 4 fights! Birdie, Cammy, Ryu and Zangief – that’s your lot! Not only is this pretty horrible, it gets worse! The AI in my opinion is completely brain dead and each fight is only one round! On the bright side, I did rake in quite a lot of FM by going through all the story modes after this, which all-in-all took me around one hour of game play, give or take.

In between the fights you get some anime still slides with some voice-over work. It isn’t very good and to be honest, and it just feels completely weird to me. Maybe I am just spoilt from how Mortal Kombat X story mode was and there is still hope that Capcom will adopt more of that type of style for when they release the full “story” later this year.
As any fighting game fan knows though, the main bread and butter of the games can be found in picking a main character (with one or two side characters) and mastering their skill sets to beat your foes online. Up until maybe Monday 22nd February, the server was completely unreliable but since the maintenance I am pleased to say the online experience has been more stable – for me at least!

So was it worth the wait? In my opinion, absolutely! I am not going to hide it, I absolutely loved Mortal Kombat X when it released last year, and played the life out of it with friends online but after playing Street Fighter V I just can’t go back to it. Street Fighter is just much more fluid and the combat is much more satisfying. Honestly, I have never had so much satisfaction from a fighting game just by learning how the game actually works rather than just jumping in and trying to button mash my way through a game – you will get your butt handed to you by anyone who knows how to punish that.

In conclusion, sure it is awful business by Capcom to release the game without a proper story mode or arcade mode (which has been a staple of Street Fighter since the beginning) but I can understand that they wanted to get the game into the hands of players for the Capcom tour which starts in March. I just hope it doesn’t kill the potential interest from players who aren’t really into the hardcore fighting game scene.

8/10 – Available on PS4 and PC now!

Have you played Street Fighter V? If so, how have you found it so far?

Did you enjoy the video review? Should we keep doing them?

Let us know in the comments, before another fight comes your way!


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