Monsters in gaming the H.R. Giger would (probably) love

On Tuesday 13th May; the artist who designed, and terrified us all with, the Alien creature died. H.R. Giger was a visionary of cinema with an amazing talent for the grotesque. In memorandum Mrluvvaluvva is looking at creature design in gaming that we think he’d love and scoring them using our patented Gigermeter.

This ones for you H.R.


The Nurse – Silent Hill series

silent hill nurse

These are right up Giger’s street! A monster with reminders of it’s humanity (remember the human skull in the Xenomorph in Alien?). Monsterous yet oddly human, the Nurses are faceless yet creepily sexualised. Giger would’ve loved this combination.

Score on the Gigermeter – 5/5

The Hunter – Dead Space series


Again there is a lot in this creature that Giger would have approved of, firstly it is a stalking creature much like the xenomorph in alien. Secondly it appears to be invincible but transpires it is just difficult to kill (if we ignore Cameron’s installment Aliens). And thirdly it retains an ounce of humanity – LOOK AT THE CREEPY HUMAN FACE!! UGH!

Score on the Gigermeter – 4/5

Headcrab – Half-life series


Not so much inspired by Giger; much more ripped off. However i feel that he’d appreciate the subtle differences between his facehugger and the headcrab. While the facehugger was designed to resemble a human hand and genitalia, the headcrab resembles a crab and human genitalia. The headcrab also possesses serious weaponry in the shape of those claws – Giger would’ve liked, if only for the reason of a successful law-suit.

Score on the Gigermeter – 1/5

   The Licker – Resident Evil series


Again this guy resembles the Xenomorph, but he has been given a serious makeover. This guy scampers along walls and ceilings like it ain’t no thing – much like the Alien uses airducts like it was; well air. The licker could kill a player in one feel swoop – this caused a serious fear of them back in Resident Evil 2! Again it retains little reminders of its previous life – it has vaguely human proportions and human esque head biology (well it has a mouth and a brain there). Giger would’ve approved!

Score on Gigermeter – 3/5

Bloodsucker – S.T.A.L.K.E.R


Take the physicality of the Xenomorph, the parasitic nature of the facehugger and the cloaking device from the Predator and you are given the Bloodsucker! Giger would love the creatures design – taken its influence from all of the above and sticking in a big cat like roar; giving the players roughly ten seconds to know what going to happen. Delightful!

Score on the Gigermeter – 5/5

These are just a few of the monsters I feel really capture what Giger was all about; but there are more – if you can think of any why not send me a tweet @Mr_Luvva_Luvva or comment in the section below!

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I’ll leave you with a picture of the Xenomorph; RIP Giger may your influence and inspiration live on.



2 thoughts on “Monsters in gaming the H.R. Giger would (probably) love

  1. I saw this yesterday that he had died and i mentioned to my bf that wow, I would not want to be in that mans head because beeing able to create such a thing as alien you must have one vivid imagination. Alien/ Xenomorph is the most scariest creature of all time I think. I watched alien as a kid and to this day, it still freaks me out. *shivers*


    • He certainly had a gift in the macabre! Although he held a very sexualised (some might say romanticised) view on the macabre; he always found the human aspect to the dark side of nature. The movie alien is an absolute classic, a stalking creature that is hunting for sport. It really taps into the subconscious fear that we, as a species, are very vulnerable! Terrifying, his design for the xenomorph just reinforces this. Genius

      Liked by 1 person

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