34…reasons why gaming is awesome! 

As we enter the last half of May it means that I am quickly approaching my 34th birthday. As a way of celebrating old age and to make up for the lack of any anniversary celebrations this year (I still can’t believe I forgot about it) I thought that we could celebrate together!

I will be putting up a series of posts that revolve around the number 34 called, you guessed it, ‘34…’! I’ll be covering a load of different topics so make sure you check back here regularly.Today marks the first post in the series and it’s one in which we celebrate gaming as a whole; let’s see 34 reasons why gaming is awesome!

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Luvva Asks You: Do You Care About Gamescom?


Welcome to the first ever “Luvva Asks You” a series in which I will be asking for your input to my blog, I will discuss a topic and ask you to feedback via the comment section. For this series to really work, I’m hoping for many comments to further the discussion and present different points of view. If what I say raises an opinion in you, please share it.

Over the past week Gamescom; the second biggest gaming trade show, has been running in Cologne, Germany. One thing that has grabbed my attention though wasn’t the game announcements nor the videos of eagerly anticipated games.

It was the lack of reporting or reaction about Gamescom around the blogosphere! It got me thinking about how people view this event, why is no-one writing about it (aside from the big media outlets) and why is there no excitement or discussion? Continue reading

#NBI2015 How did GamerGate affect you?

The TalkBack Challenge for this week was focusing on the long-term effects that GamerGate had on us…


…Ah GamerGate, that classic videogame controversy of late August, how the world lost its collective mind and how we were all against the pillory for having any association with the hobby of controlling make-believe men (and women!) against the forces of evil.

We’re such bastards!

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1st Anniversary Celebrations #1


It has come guys! It is my first anniversary of starting this blog (I’m not sure of the actual date, but I’ll be celebrating until the end of the month)!


thanks for the reminder wordpress

And what an amazing year it has been; over 7,000 readers served and still going strong (stronger than ever in fact). To celebrate, I’m going to be updating a few posts that I did last year (mostly internet lists) and also try to highlight a few of my favourite posts that (I feel) didn’t get the views they deserved!

And here we are, #1

My very first post! This was the start of MrLuvvaLuvva and I put a lot of work into it (mostly learning how to photoshop horribly) I still think it is one of my funniest posts and feel that you guys (especially the UK readers) would get a kick out of it!

Here is the link to “David Moyes’ Video Game C.V.” – please give it a read!

The weird reasons games get banned

Throughout my recent play through of ‘Hotline Miami’ I was thinking of reasons why it didn’t get banned – I mean it was brutally violent, it had no real discourse into the reasons behind your actions and it left nothing to the imagination.

The only reason I could think of was that the graphics were pixel art rather than polygonal – it doesn’t look real and as such it’s not considered real violence.


I went to research the issue of games being banned; particularly in Germany and Australia, and was surprised to see that ‘Hotline Miami’ released in both these countries as they both have a reputation of being overly conservative with entertainment contents.

This prompted me to look at a list of games that had been banned anywhere in the world and found that some of the reasons for these titles being banned are absolutely hilarious!

Here’s a few of the highlights of that exercise in banality.


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This week at LuvvaLuvva Towers (22-28/09/14)

This has been a mental week at LuvvaLuvva Towers guys, we’ve been hammering out posts, trying to sort out our technical issues with video production & streaming, and of course gaming. Unfortunately these technical gremlins are smacking us around at the moment and; again, we have no new youtube videos for ya…soz bout that.

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