Gaming’s Forgotten Second Sons

To celebrate our first guest review, we’re looking at siblings in gaming, specifically; younger brothers (see what we have done here?). Throughout the history of gaming family-ties have been prevalent and some families have become the videogame equivalent of the Baldwin’s or the Wayans.

But what about those forgotten brothers? Those whose family members have went on to stardom and left them behind, or worse yet; people are unaware of them as a person or as part of a family.

Mario & Luigi

For every Mario there is a Luigi; let’s celebrate these forgotten brothers because without them, gaming wouldn’t be the same.

(The following list is in no particular order; we don’t want to be responsible for adding to any family resentment and hatred).

1. Kyle Travers (Final Fight: Streetwise)

Who is his brother? Cody Travers

Kyle Travers

Poor Kyle Travers, his brother has risen to stardom through his appearances in Street Fighter IV, Street fighter x Tekken and Final Fight. The reason Kyle is forgotten about is because where his brothers’ games are good, Final Fight: Streetwise was a pile of crap.

What didn’t help Kyle in his search of stardom is his character design. Bland and generic do not even begin to describe this guy. Look at him! A Backstreet Boys haircut, an O-Town pair of khakis and a vest top straight from 5ive – the pinnacle of character design by focus group.

I can’t see Kyle making any appearances in future Capcom games; he’s destined to become a footnote in gaming’s second-son and shitty game history.

2. Robo Bonanza (Bonanza bros.)

Who is his brother? Mobo Bonanza

Robo Bonanza

Remember when SEGA made great games?

Bonanza Bros. was not one of them! A boring heist game in which everyone looked like Playmobil characters.

The two titular characters were modeled after the blues brothers; so using my power of deduction the taller one is the younger. Poor Robo was never going to be a mascot; co-starring with his older brother in a game that never enjoyed good sales.

If ever a second-son was destined to obscurity it’s poor Robo.

3. Jimmy Lee (Double Dragon)

Who is his brother? Billy Lee

Double dragon

When you think of famous people with the name Lee who comes to mind? …Bruce? Hell yes! …Billy? Oh yeah from double dragon! …what about Jimmy? No? …he’s the forgotten Lee.

Even though the game he co-starred in was mega-successful; Jimmy was quickly consigned to ‘The Other Guy’ controlled only by player 2.

In early home conversions; even in co-op, the players’ would not assume control of Jimmy, instead both would be Billy. To make matters worse; after beating the arcades’ final boss ‘Willy’ players had to kick the crap out of poor Jimmy. Not a good time was had by Jimmy.

‘Double Dragon 2: The revenge’ was released on the Game Gear in 1993 with the extended tagline of ‘The Revenge of Billy Lee’ – note how Jimmy doesn’t get the opportunity of vengeance!Not good enough for the man who helped save Marion. Just a tad disrespectful.

4. Andy Bogard (Fatal Fury/King of the fighters ’94/2000/2001)

Who is his brother? Terry Bogard

Andy Bogard

Again Andy is the victim of having a much cooler older brother and terrible character design. How can a man that looks like a terrible Britney Spears tribute act be taken seriously in a franchise that prides itself on kicking bad guys’ teeth down their throats? They can’t …and Andy wasn’t.

Although he appeared in Fatal Fury and three KOF games; he ‘didn’t want to participate’ in 2003 and hasn’t appeared in a game since. His character was dull; sorry ‘stoic’ which cost him in the personality stakes. He was removed presumably because he was the least picked character.

Like any good man pushed down by his older, superior brother Andy dreams of kicking the shit out of him. as of today, he still hasn’t. I fear his ‘dream’ will remain as such and Andy will die with the regrets of ‘what-if’.

5. Waluigi (Various Nintendo franchises)

Who is his brother? Wario


Waluigi; younger brother to Wario and antithesis to Luigi.

Not many people are aware of the family connection between Waluigi and Wario which is why he makes this list! According to Charles Martinet (the actor who voices him) Waluigi is a character who is plagued with self-pity who feels that everything goes right for everyone but himself.

What a poor guy. Maybe having him on this list will cheer him up – Waluigi you’ll always be my favourite in Mario Kart brother!

Honourable Mention

Brian Johnson (GTA: San Andreas)

The third born of the Johnson brothers. Never gets the love of ‘CJ’ or ‘Sweet’ all because he’s dead before GTA: San Andreas starts. What a piss take! Have some love BJ.

Can you think of any other forgotten second sons?

Let us know in the comment section below!


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