5 ‘New Titanfall Experiences’


This week EA and Respawn’s Vince Zampella announced that they are working on “new Titanfall experiences”! We’re fans of Titanfall here, and we’ve been intrigued as what this could mean; what is a “new Titanfall experience”?

Just in case EA and Respawn haven’t made up their mind, here’s a few ideas…

1) A Telltale style graphic adventure


The campaign of Titanfall was, well, a bit of a mess. I played through it twice (once as Militia and once as the IMC) and i have absolutely no idea why these factions were at war. Now that the game was a success (a reported 925,000 copies sold) and is presumably going to be a major franchise; lore is needed.

What better way of building lore and an extended universe than creating slow, character driven episodes to flesh out that wafer-thin plot?

2) A Pacific Rim inspired title/DLC

Pacific Rim Movie Kaiju Monster City Mecha Robot HD Wallpaper for Desktop

Think about this one, what is the only thing better than two giant robots having a fight? Giant robots fighting even gianter monsters of course!

Respawn obviously had something like this in mind with Titanfall…Remember when the Titanfall leak showed that there were monsters; and everybody lost their shit with excitement?

I can see no reason why EA can’t capitalise on this fan-fervour. Make a game in which players can team up in Titan’s against giant monsters; this could be a DLC pack. Imagine a 1-on-1 mode Titan Vs Kaiju..my god it’s not the game we need, but it’s certainly the game we deserve.

3) An ipad/tablet/smartphone spin off title


Now hold on….

Don’t go running off laughing…

This is legit!

When an ipad/tablet/smartphone game plays to the strength of the platform the games can be really quite good; look at the recently release Hitman: GO (currently enjoying 81% on metacritic – http://www.metacritic.com/game/ios/hitman-go), it took the Hitman formula but transposed it into a slow paced puzzle game.. and it works.

Imagine transposing Titanfall into ‘Risk’ style tablet game. Could work.

4) A Comic/Graphic Novel


Comics/graphic novels have gained a level of acceptance in the past few years. Never before have they enjoyed such a mainstream appeals – I put the cause of this swing directly in the hands of AMC’s The Walking Dead and The Big Bang theory.

It isn’t a new idea, recently we’ve had comics based on huge titles including ‘The Last of Us’ and ‘Gears of war’. They were moderate successes. With the marketing power of EA they could turn a comic of Titanfall into a huge success.

Like 1 this could be an exceptionally good way of expanding the lore of the series and creating an expanded universe for a relatively low cost.

5) Animated short movies/television show/web series

This would simultaneously open Titanfall to new audiences and demographics. Imagine a Titanfall anime, or a nickelodeon series similar to TMNT, or even a Youtube based series of shorts focusing on specific characters and expanding their stories. Fleshing out the all-important universe. Those monster fights could be a regular occurrence; leaving fans salivating for the Pacific Rim based DLC.

Can you think of any other ‘New Titanfall experiences’?

Do you disagree with any of our suggestions?

Are you sick of Titanfall?

Tell us in the comment section below…


5 thoughts on “5 ‘New Titanfall Experiences’

  1. Who knows! It would be brilliant to fight the monsters! Really mix it up and it would take some of the hype away from Evolve. If i was Respawn i’d push that idea!


  2. Love stuff like this. I need more gaming quick lists, heh. Especially since I”ll never buy Titanfall, nice to enjoy vicariously 🙂 I’m really curious about it though because players are raving about the building hopping and running and such. It def looks cool.

    I see your blog is new. We’ve got a game blogger event going on all month for May. You should join it. It will help you get more eyes on your site. It’s called Newbie Blogger Initiative and you can check it at NewbieBloggerInitiative.com


    • Thanks for the heads up! I checked out the site and I love the idea of supporting new blogs (it’s hard getting noticed in today’s bloated web)! Signed up for the site and the forums! Really appreciate the feedback, good to know that people enjoy what I write makes it worth it 🙂

      Titanfall is a great game, really fun to play, the parkour is very intuitive and unbelievably fast paced, think of it like COD with giant robots and the fun cranked to 11! I whole heartedly recommend it!


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