7/10 Game-a-thon: Hotline Miami (PC/PS4/Vita)

That time has come again, time to raid the (growing in length) backlog and review a game that I should have when this blog was but a baby. The game today has just seen its sequel release to universally middling reviews – but this is considered a bona fide classic.


‘Hotline Miami’ launched with little fanfare but quickly made its fans with its tight top-down gameplay and 1980s inspired soundtrack; but what did I think of it?

Is it worth digging out? Or should it be left in the 80s alongside bouffant hair and massive shoulder pads?

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Infamous Second Son Review: Attack of the Beanie Vigilante

This is our first guest writer review; kindly donated by MrJohnSherry.

Follow him on twitter @MrJohnSherry.

Infamous 2

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5 types of annoying video gamers

When people think of people who play video games, they get the image of a lonely guy sitting alone in his room playing ‘Super Mario’ with the curtains closed; that sunlight causes cancer don’t ya know.


But this view is wrong; very wrong.

At MrLuvvaLuvva we’ve researched this extremely complex field of gamers and have identified 5 core types of gamer who piss us all off.

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Top 5 Streams On Twitch

TwitchTVPlaying games is just too mainstream these days. I mean, everyone does it, the only thing left for us proper gamers to do is to watch others play the games we’d like to play.

Here’s MrLuvvaLuvva’s personal recommendations for streams on http://www.twitch.tv you should be watching – right now.

Not including our own stream of course; you can follow us over on twitch by clicking here! So please go do that!

Presented by the Top of the pops presenter on everybody’s lips … Jimmy Saville

Jimmy saville totp

*cue a whole lotta love*

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David Moyes’s Video Game C.V.

Blog Banner_edited-2

At 8:30 a.m,  April 22nd, 2014 the news that David Moyes has been sacked by Manchester United broke. Universal tears followed; by fans of every other club in the Premier League. MrLuvvaLuvva thought it only fitting to take a look at Mr Moyes’ C.V. in videogames.

You’d be shocked at things he’s had an arm in, to make matters worse we have photographic evidence of his deeds.

1) Ruler of Rapture – December 31st 1959

rapture wrecked copy

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A new hope…

Blog Banner_edited-2

What is MrLuvvaLuvva then?

An irreverent look at all things video games of course!

What things can you expect? Well; let me tell ya buddy, it’s gonna be great!

  • I’ll be commentating on news.
  • Reviewing terrible-slash-average games from my backlog* in a feature I’m calling 7/10 game-a-thon.
  • Reviewing more recent games**
  • I’ll also be reviewing any terrible games you guys*** suggest.
  • Random musings that may be in video, pictorial or riddle form****
  • Keep an eye on my twitter for snack-size snippets of what to expect including***** 6 word reviews and news headlines straight from the llamas’ mouth.

Hilarity is guaranteed******

Tell your friends!

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