MrLuvva’s Luv-In #37

Another week, another post shy of the complement! Things aren’t going well with the whole “I promise I’ll make the traditional three posts this week” stuff.

Not. At. All.

Yet I’ll say it again, I’ve thrown some things to the way-side (video stuff) in an effort to make some time for that all important third post. Fingers crossed it gets sorted for this week; I’m confident it will! Next week, I’m off all my jobs so I can get a tonne of writing done and hopefully this two post business is put firmly in the past.

This is not what we’re here to talk about though. No siree Bob! We’re here to highlight what others have written, we’re here to celebrate the fine posts of the community here at Luvva Towers – we are here to get some exposure for the posts that truly deserve it!

Here’s what I have been reading this week. As always, please support these posts by clicking the links; and if you know of any posts that deserve exposure post them in the comment section!

H1Z1 Splitting into Two Titles –  A late entry to the list (read it last night thanks to a coincidental conversation with Izlain) but it is a cracker! Recently (Friday or Saturday) Daybreak announced that H1Z1 would be split into two separate titles and would be entirely independent from one another (priced independently too) – I thought that this was a mental decision and couldn’t understand the benefit. I wondered with Izzy thought of it and he directed me to his piece! I suggest you read it, its excellent!

How Sony Have Ruined ShareFactory – Another great post from Karl Weller, this time lamenting the lack of a legitimate editing suite on the PS4. Karl highlights some real issues that exit within the current build, he has even included a handy-dandy video to illustrate them! Well worth a read!

When Will This Month End? – I know exactly how Asimoth feels about February! It is my least favourite month of the year too! Beyond this synergy of sorts this is an interesting post to read – it mini-reviews a book (not what I was expecting to read!) really well, and it even alerted me to a new reviewer to trust! Always a good thing!

Pokemon 20th Aniversary Download Event Kicks Off With Mew – I am a HUGE pokemon fan, and I am stoked for the imminent release of Blue, Red and Yellow on the 3DS – I can only hope I am successful in convincing some mates to buy the opposite to my one so we can “catch them all”! As a huge fan TAGN gave me a wave of nostalgia and hope; I’ve never owned a Mew before, but I will now! Thanks TAGN!

Playstation Plus February 2016 – I must admit, PSPlus has been quite poor for some time now. This month though is varied and is actually high in quality (for PS3 anyway) I have yet to start Persona 4 Golden on my VITA, but I know that I will love it (it’s the highest rated game on the system) so the fact that Arena Ultimax is made available is all types of good timing; exciting. Thanks to Buttonsmashers, I also know now that ‘Lemmings’ is available for my beloved VITA.

Civilisation V Review – We have a newcomer into these hallowed pages of luv! Let’s give a very warm welcome to Spindle Gaming! Welcome them into our beautiful little community; in our very own corner of the internet. I really love the layout and look of this blog and the content is good too! Here we have a damn good review of Civ V, one of the best strategy games ever made. This is a seriously good review, go read and leave a little comment to show some love!

Couch Podtatoes 77: YouTube Style And Substance – Eri and Izlain have been making these fantastic pods for a while now, but I really enjoyed this one, more than I usually do! It really is an excellent listen – got an hour to spare? Fill it; and your ear holes, with this pod!


4 thoughts on “MrLuvva’s Luv-In #37

  1. I actually have a Mew already. For a long stretch, from the Diamond and Pearl era through into the Black and White era my daughter and I were pretty dedicated to hitting all the special download events. And then I worked at transferring a lot of the special Pokemon from HeartGold forward into X and Y the summer before last via the whole Pokemon Bank thing. But there are still some of the legendary downloads coming later this year that I do not have and am really looking forward to.

    I’m still wondering how Blue/Red/Yellow will be on the 3DS. I will no doubt grab at least one. Whether or not I will play through, however, remains to be seen. I only picked up Pokemon during the Diamond and Pearl era, so pre-DS Lite graphics aren’t a big draw and hold no nostalgia for me.

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    • I lost many, many weeks to Pokemon Red even though I was far “too old” to be enjoying it. I even bought my Gameboy Colour specifically to play it – I have loved that series ever since.

      The opportunity to have my own Mew though is proving far too tempting to turn down, I only hope that GAME have the codes here (they are always the same as the US) and I happen to be going through Belfast tomorrow! I’m giddy with excitement; seriously excited!


  2. As always, thanks for the luvva luvva (love). I’m hoping to have some more impressions of the PS4 titles I’ve picked up in the past week written about soon. By the way, you should add me on PSN: Built4Sin82. Not sure if we share similar games (but I started up Bloodborne last night and it is AMAZING), but hey we might in the future!


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