Things I loved In The Division BETA

Splash The Division‘The Division’ BETA weekend was one hell of a weekend, wasn’t it?

I had so much fun running around New York discovering secrets and getting sweet loot. And although the content was thin on the ground, there was so much more than meets the eye in this BETA.

You can find my full findings here; but what did I enjoy doing the most with this BETA? Well, it’s quite a long list, and it might not be what you are expecting!

Exploring New York City

Exploring The Division

Well…that’s unpleasant!

New York is just a superb gaming environment in ‘The Division’ there is so much to see. Every street/building/area gives you a little snippet of what has occurred here. From graffitti that are scrawled notes to loved ones to the piles of corpses that litter the underground areas you can’t help but feel that you’re a very small part in a giant machine. It reminded me of a Miyazaki world, where nothing is placed at random, everything has meaning and it’s up to the player to interpret that.

On top of the narrative clues the world hides loot everywhere…

Upgrading my gear

…and loot is ‘The Division’s bread and butter. You upgrade your weapons through a series of attachments, aiming boosts come from foregrips, damage is increased by barrel modifications and resistance is boosted by clothes. It’s all very organic and all very compulsive!

I would’ve killed for a bauble beanie hat – hell I did kill for one! I cannot wait to get my hands on all the loot in the full release, I’ll see many of you in the DZ…

Opening Up/Closing Down The Map

Map division

10/10 would map again

The map in this game is absolutely gorgeous. It projects a hologram on top of the game world which slowly fades out until it is no longer visible. When you come out of the map it leaves faint outlines of the projection that again fade out of view.

It is a stunning effect that never got old.

More maps should be like this!

The Dark Zone

The Dark Zone was where I spent most of my playtime; it was a lawless hive of scum and villainy, and it was absolutely brilliant for it!

Grouping Up With Others…

One of the highlights from the BETA came shortly after I entered the DZ; I had picked up a delicious fore grip and was desperate to get it extracted, but I was alone and knew I’d be destroyed by randomers.

To my joy a flare went up; someone else was calling in the chopper! Right around the corner from me – I could take advantage of this situation. I made a beeline for the extraction point and saw two guys waiting…

….they didn’t shoot me, so I repaid the favour. As we all waited though, a huge group of people came and tried to get our loot forcibly from us! We made our stand and took them out, one of our own fell and I revived him!

Soon I was invited to their party chat and it transpired they were two friendly (and very cool) Germans. We ran around the DZ as a group for the next few hours, taking on all comers – winning some and losing some – but we had some serious fun. We also made some very powerful enemies.

…protecting the good ones…

Protecting The Division.jpg

I got yo’ back homie!

Another; much larger group, took exception to us running into their extraction and stealing their stuff and they began to actively hunt us. Although we tried to hold our own, it became apparent early that we were vastly outmatched. We laid down suppressing fire and fell back, healing and reviving each other when required. Soon it became a last stand at the spawn point – my teammates and I held out for as long as we could.

It was a battle we simply could not win. The whole ordeal lasted a good half hour and it was tense, scary, exciting and absolutely brilliant! We lost some good gear; I lost my team mates (they were 2 hours ahead after all) but I now had PVP experience and a thirst for blood. There was a way to regain what was lost.

…and betraying some!

Betraying The Division

You turned your back, you gotta die!

I became that player, the one who earns your trust then the moment your back is turned is betraying it! I killed several players in order to take their loot often I won and recieved some moderate spoils. Sometimes though I took on two or three; in an adrenaline fuelled bloodlust I admit, and died gruesome deaths. The PVP here is excellent, at no time did I feel my shots were doing no damage nor did I feel that players were bullet sponges – it felt tight and competitive. It was a blast.

Come March 8th I will be patrolling the DZ, hoping to bump into you guys – maybe we’ll team up and get some good loot together…

What was your experience of ‘The Division’ BETA?

Do you have any good stories to tell?

Share them with us in the comments!


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