This week at LuvvaLuvva Towers (02-08/02/2015)

It’s been a very busy week (haven’t they all been recently?) and between myself and MrJohnSherry we kept the posts coming.

On my usual trawl through other people’s blogs and twitter I found an event to participate in this month; Joystiq’s 4 in February – I will keep you guys posted of my progress in these recap posts (but get yourselves to one of my streams and witness it live!) If you are participating in #4IF let me know in the comments and I can link to your blog and make it a community event!

So here we are, our posts, stream highlights and schedule for the next week all in one handy post! Enjoy!

My #4IF (Four in February)

Here are my four in February games – expect reviews of each of these as they fall; and video proof of the final credits. Gotta do things correctly! Below is the order in which I will be defeating these games.


1) ‘The Evil Within’ – PS4, I am currently in Chapter 12; this game will be beaten in the next week.


2) ‘Resident Evil Revelations’ – PS3 version, unopened.


3) ‘Deadly Premonition’ – PS3 PSPlus version, unstarted.


4) ‘Watch_Dogs’ – PS4, I have started this game, however I am only in Chapter 2. A long way to go here.

Blog Posts

A streamer’s diary (Nov-Jan) – A response to the recent influx of negative posts about in which I chronicle my experiences; so far, as a streamer.

Dying Light Review (spoilers alert!) – MrJohnSherry’s weekly post was a review of the recently released Zombie title from Techland. Warning: There be spoilers.

Terrible boss battles in gaming – My break down of shitty boss fights of recent years.

Stream Highlights

One of my highlights is actually a good piece of gameplay! Had to happen sooner or later I guess! Laws of averages and all that.

Stream Schedule

As we approach the mid-term holiday I feel that I can squeeze an extra weekday stream into my schedule.

With Saturday being Valentines day however MrsLuvvaLuvva would never forgive me if I did my usual long stream! I will have an extra long stream next week though. (all times are GMT)

Monday – 9:30pm – Midnight

Tuesday – 10 – Midnight

Wednesday – 9am – 3pm

Friday – 10pm – late


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