MrLuvva’s Luv-In #26

We are officially halfway through November which means we have 2 more weeks of games being released, which in turn means that 2015 is all but finished.

It is around this time of year that I look back upon my gaming memories and start to think about my game of the year candidates. This year, in an attempt to cement our little community, I am asking you to send me your Games of the year so I can run a little series of posts over the holiday season. It doesn’t have to be long, just choose your game and explain why it’s your favourite game.

The task here though is to create a buzz for good posts, and I have a selection of great posts! And like last time, if you have found a great post please link it in the comment section!

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7/10 game-a-thon: Deadly Premonition: My investigation of quality (review)

“I’m Special Agent Francis York Morgan. Please call me York, everyone does”

These words sum up ‘Deadly Premonition’ better than I ever could! If everyone calls him “York” then why go to the bother of introducing yourself with your job title, full name and end with what you prefer to be called! Why not just introduce yourself as “York”?


You’ll find yourself asking questions like this throughout the entire duration of York’s investigation of the ‘Raincoat Killer’ – you’ll also find yourself laughing, getting scared and wondering why that musical cue was there!

You’re probably aware of ‘Deadly Premonition’ and its status as the best/worst game of the last console generation. So you may want to consider this review my investigation into whether or not you should commit your time (and it will require a substantial investment) to ‘Deadly Premonition’.

Should you play this game? Let’s look at the evidence and come to the right verdict.

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This week at LuvvaLuvva Towers (15-22/02/2015)

Its been a good week for us here in LuvvaLuvva Towers. For the first time in months I actually had written three posts – MrJohnSherry was too busy this week and I picked up the slack – turns out I still got it! BONUS WIN!

In other news I ended the week with 82 followers on twitch (although for some reason twitch is counting it as 81 – clearly 82). Our next target, and giveaway, will be when we hit 100 followers; so if you haven’t yet followed me over there (shame on you!) nows the best time to do it…I wont hold it against you.

We also had a busy week traffic wise (several of our posts caught the imagination) and as such you may have missed something…so here’s the best of last week, and the schedule of streams for this week.


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Games that get a lot more hate than they should!

No MrJohnSherry post this week – a real shame, he loves the rants. I’m not gonna try to take his place – instead I’ll give you some list goodness.

Since it’s a week from valentines day and MrJohnSherry explored the theme of emotions; I thought I’d look at the opposite of love – hate.


Specifically games that get a lot of aggro and hate on the internet that is not really deserved. Lets get this clear, I’m not looking at games that have a little pocket of haters, I’m more interested in games that have a huge voice of derision on them, games that are universally panned by gamers…without any real need for it.

“Where did you get the inspiration for this article?” I hear you ask dear reader, well let’s just say that my 4 In February has opened my eyes to a few games that would fit this bill. And on that note, let us begin our countdown.

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This week at LuvvaLuvva Towers (02-08/02/2015)

It’s been a very busy week (haven’t they all been recently?) and between myself and MrJohnSherry we kept the posts coming.

On my usual trawl through other people’s blogs and twitter I found an event to participate in this month; Joystiq’s 4 in February – I will keep you guys posted of my progress in these recap posts (but get yourselves to one of my streams and witness it live!) If you are participating in #4IF let me know in the comments and I can link to your blog and make it a community event!

So here we are, our posts, stream highlights and schedule for the next week all in one handy post! Enjoy!

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Hallowe’ek Horror: Forgotten horror games.


This is it guys; the last of week of October! Hallowe’en is in a mere three days! Throughout this month we have been posting one horror article a week, but this week we will be posting two! You lucky devils, getting spoiled again.

We’re calling it ‘Hallowe’ek Horror’…see what we did there?

Todays post is all about celebrating those horror games that don’t get the same recognition as the ‘Resident Evils’, ‘Silent Hills’ and other world famous examples of the genre…many of these games are every bit as good as their more famous siblings, many are even more impressive. Here’s just a small selection of my favourites.

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Lets Play…Old Games! Part Five


And so; beloved readers, we have reached our penultimate part of our gaming retrospective…generation 7 – the generation that welcomed HD into our lives and made everything before look like excrement!

The PS3 & Xbox dazzled us with their HD graphics (many peoples first experience of HD was on consoles) while the Wii forged it’s own path and smashed all the competition (with sales anyway).

Surely everyone will have heard of all the games on this list; i mean this generation is still going…right?

Only one way to find out…

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