Dying Light Review (spoiler alert!)

Slightly earlier this week (because I’m lazy and haven’t finished my post) MrJohnSherry has reviewed Techland’s latest, is it a case of saving the zombie game genre, or overkill?

…2 second hold!


Parkour and zombies – I’m IN!

One of my most anticipated games, Dying Light, was finally released last week – after a delay or two, so how did I find it? Good? Bad? Indifferent? Well, let’s break it down ladies and gentlemen!

First of all, if you have been watching gameplay videos of this game, please do not go into it thinking you are going to a parkour king straight off the bat! At the beginning of the game, it kind of feels a bit clunky, but as you progress through the ‘agility’ skill tree – leveled up by just jumping, vaulting and climbing, free running becomes far more fluid; and satisfying.

Which is a good thing, because you will be running a lot in this game. The open world map is massive, full of side activities and zombies to hack to pieces or drop kick into oblivion. Personally, I had the most fun drop kicking them into various spikey objects and off rooftops. Dropkicking needs to be in every game, from now on. It just never gets old!
Co-Op brings the game a whole new deminsion. I played half the game solo, and half co-op with two of my buddies, and it is just brilliant fun. As you run through the sprawling world of Karran, you will be giving the options to challenge your friends to various activities. This activities include ‘Kill the most zombies’, ‘Race to the objective’, and ‘loot the most value’. They may not sound like much, but trust me you will see how competitive these make your friends!

The main campaign is quite meaty, something I wasn’t quite expecting. It took me roughly 24 hours to complete, but I did partake in quite a few side activities and challenges, as well as just running around having fun in the world. If you were to just go through the story campaign, I say you will get a good 12-14 hours out of this game. However, I do implore you to do the side activites, some have fantastic stories. Especially ‘Mothers Day’.

The only real downside I can think of is the ending ‘Boss Battle’. If you do not want it spoiled, please look away now!


Oh man this, flaw, makes me wanna punch Techland so much!


The whole storyline follows Crane trying to track down a scientists work for a faceless group called the ‘GRE’. Within this story, he comes across a man called ‘Rais’ who turns out; surprise, surprise to be a complete and utter scumbag – who sees the work he has acquired from scientist to get a free ticket out of Karran.

So, the whole game has you pumped up to kill this guy, and then it comes, you run through the sewers, to get to him upon a roof top. And this is your moment. Your moment to kill this guy, get the research, and possibly save the city and inhabitants of Karran.

Except, you don’t. You don’t get to kill this guy, it is a cheap quick time event! I couldn’t believe what was happening. This whole game I was pumped up to kill this douche, brutally with a huge hammer. I don’t get the chance to! For me, this is becoming a dangerous trend! What happened to normal boss battles?! I don’t need your QTE, I just want to do it myself, and pushing buttons in rhythm does not make me feel like I am doing anything at all! THIS IS NOT GUITAR HERO!




Dying Light is a fun game which was definitely worth my own personal hype, but if you have a choice of running through this with a few friends rather than solo, do that! By all means this game is fun if you want to do it solo, but it is just so much better with friends, which is the way Techland intended it to be. Unfortunately, the final boss does detract from the overall experience in my opinion. I know it’s more about the journey rather than the destination, but this left a sour, sour taste in my mouth.

7/10 (would’ve been 8 had the ending been handled better!)


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