MrLuvva’s Luv-In #49

Well it has been a  whole month since the last luv-in!

Fucking hell! I can’t believe its been that long. I apologise guys! I am back on the post train though, and although the past few weeks (nearly the entirety of May actually) I have been missing posts left, right and centre – but that ends here folks!

June is our traditional E3 celebration month and we have got some great things lined up including a video post or two (the last one got a good response) as well as predictions (because last year we fucking called it!!!) and of course the traditional piss take post and reviews of the show! A lot to look forward to – lets try and make June our most successful month yet!

Back to business though – here’s a bumper edition of the luv-in to make up for lost time!

General Gaming Posts

Letting Go Of Generations by Hatm0nster (United We Game)

NBI 2016 Is A Week Away! by Doone

E3 2016 Predictions: Sony by Gamercrash

Mew Is Making A Comeback & Nintendo NY Will Also Have A Zelda Playable Demo During E3! by Miketendo 64

Moving Past Violence In Video Games by RoboHeartBeat

Mighty Number 9’s Masterclass Trailer Greeted With Immediate Hate From Its Audience by Button Smashers

Prison Architect Break by No Longer Pick3d Last

Non-Gaming Posts

Somebody Broke Onto the Stars Wars Episode VIII Set To Take Some Epic Selfies by Geekcritique

Geek Fact #6: Jar Jar Binks Is Responsible For The Galactic Empire by Geekcritique

Is Manchester Really United? By  Lincoln Mohan


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