Do you see delays as a bad thing?


…just one more mont…damn it.

Amidst rumours that ‘No Mans Sky’ has been delayed until July/August (although no official confirmation as of yet) was broke by Kotaku a few days ago, I realised I didn’t really care – I have time for more games.

Although, I am alone I think! Twitter erupted into a big pile of utter disappointment. Some people even going as far as saying that it killed the last of their hype for the game. Seeing as the game was unveiled almost three years ago I can see where they are coming from.
However, if they are taking this time to polish the game and make it better it is only a good thing in my eyes. I really really hope it isn’t because of a minor bug because in a game like No Mans Sky I can’t see what would be considered minor at all. Due to it’s procedurely generated worlds I would imagine any “small” big would introduce some pretty big problems.

I don’t think that is the issue though. It would take more than a month in my opinion to fix that – especially giving that the team at Hello Games is only 12 members or so strong. Maybe they are just taking their time and realise they won’t make their target of 4 weeks from now. Or…

Maybe Sony has asked them to postpone it? I am one of those that believes Sony was behind the delay that hit Uncharted 4. Originally it was supposed to realise more or less alongside the Ratchet and Clank reboot and if they sent out Uncharted 4 with that game it would have absolutely murdered it. The problem with this theory is I don’t see any other big releases at the end of June that Sony would be personally invested in so I doubt this is the case too.I am secretly hoping that if the ‘delay’ is actually a acceleration towards realise and they just say at the end of their E3 conference “AVAILABLE NOW!” Yeah…like that would ever happen!

Whatever the reason I have the utmost confidence it won’t be taking lightly by the guys at Hello Games and they just want the game to release in a finished state – exactly what us gamers want!

EDIT: Since the writing of this article, No Mans Sky has been confirmed to be delayed until August 9th US, 10th EU, 12th UK – source.

Do you care about delays?

How are your hype levels for No Mans Sky?

No Mans Buy?

Let us know in the comments!

9 thoughts on “Do you see delays as a bad thing?

  1. I am somewhat split on this. On the one hand, having worked on software for over 25 years, I know that sometimes things just aren’t ready and working when you want them to be, and all the more so when you are creating software that no only has requirements of function, but must also serve as entertainment.

    On the flip side, I’ve seen some really dumb stuff happen. I’ve been in project status meetings a couple weeks before the ship date only to have some dev, who has been boredly reporting his status as green and on track for the last six months suddenly tell me he is behind and needs a minimum of 8 more weeks to fix an issue he’s been working on for the last three months but has tried to keep hidden because he thought he could just fix it quickly.

    And then my head falls off in frustration because not only is he asking to push the ship date at the last minute, he’s been lying about his status AND he is asking for a time extension he’s pulled out of his ass on the assumption that he’s smart and can figure it out in that time for sure. And then his manager, who is sitting there looking embarrassed has clearly not been paying attention to his team, probably because as an industry we often only let people be managers as a part time task. Then I look over at the QA team, who are also pretty quiet because they’re all trying to remember if they have a ticket open about the issue to cover their asses. Probably not. The dev has probably gone over and asked them to save that area for last, since it isn’t ready yet and, being team players (and generally short of time, so happy to have something to pass on until later) they have obliged.

    Software projects can be intricate, cooperative affairs where even minor things can trip up mighty events. So I tend to cut companies some slack if they are realistic about things. However, if they are clearly foundering… lots of news, then a missed date, then a long stretch of silence, the some mumbling about a new date, then nothing again… it is hard for me not to raise an eyebrow and wonder what is really going on.

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  2. Great question! I don’t see it as a bad thing, but more of a disappointing thing. I’m not really following No Man’s Sky, but if they can make it better or fix any bugs before they release it, then a delay can be important. The same thing happens with Zelda games all the time. Miyamoto has that famous quote saying, “a delayed game is eventually good, but a bad game is bad forever.” That doesn’t necessarily always ring true today because of patches, but it does show lack of polish if issues arise.

    On the other end, Mighty No. 9’s delay has caused nothing but frustration for lots of people to the point where backers are really upset. So here’s my answer. Delays are fine, because then games may be more polished on day one. However, if your game was crowdfunded, then it should hit the release date originally proposed to avoid backlash and possible lost of interest.

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    • Forgot clean all about Mighty Number 7! All those delays, and as far as I am aware is over a feature people never even asked for (multiplayer). Hopefully both games will fulfill their promise!

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  3. I’m pretty much in agreement about delays being a good thing…within reason. I much rather the developers take their time with a game and release it when it’s fully ready than rush through it and the game is released in such a poor state. We’ve seen a number of games that serve as a lesson of what not to do when a game is not really ready, but the studio and developers rush it to make their target date. Games are fairly expensive and you want to make sure you’re really getting your full money’s worth. However, too many delays will eventually lose the interest and devotion of those gamers who have been waiting much too long for a game like Mighty No. 9.

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  4. I’ve always been somewhat baffled by the disjoint between development and announcement. It is now so trendy for companies to audaciously declare for the release of a future game when in actuality they are announcing the development itself. Think back to the bugpit of a day-one Watch Dogs which was in itself late by several months, begging the question, what would we have been seeing three months prior to that? While deadlines do set corporate and developmental motivation, at some point you have to stop and pay attention to what’s going on, or more importantly, not going on on the screen right in front of you…

    jolly good post!


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