MrLuvva’s Luv-In #42

It has already been a crazy busy week for me!  I sat down last night to write this post and my WordPress Reader was not responding, typical. With every update it seems that wordpress make ever facet of their UI worse – please do not get me started on their new and “improved” post editor (thank God WP Admin still exists)!

Anyway. Although I’ve been having issues on my side with creating posts, it has been smooth sailing with reading them, as always please click on the links that interest you so we can support these great writers! Also why not follow Cary’s example and leave a good post in the comment section while you are here?!

The Division Posts

In a week dominated by ‘The Division’I have found myself playing it whenever I can and reading about it a hell of a lot! Everything has been ‘The Division’! I regret nothing! Here’s a couple of what I have been reading.

Not First Rodeo by Belghast (NB: not exclusively about ‘The Division’)

Division Thoughts by Belghast (again)

The Division Impressions by MrJohnSherry (shameless plug!)

General Gaming Posts

I don’t know if you follow me on twitter, but every Friday night I have a few jars and play ‘Rock Band 4’ – this combination leads me to uploading picture after picture of my high scores on vocals. As well as a seamless segue to the list, the point of this paragraph is to introduce the fact that I do still play a selection of games; so too do these writers and here is a selection of posts that I enjoyed about random games.

Harmonix Using Crowd Funding To Get Rock Band 4 on PC by Qudduws Campbell (Buttonsmashers)

The New Hotness: Stardew Valley by Syp

An Overly-Descriptive Account Of Our Playstation VR Experience by RaffyGraffiti

Stardew Valley Days by Jeromai

Non-Gaming Posts

Thank You by Jen (Another Castle)

Ghostbusters: Who Ya Gonna Call? An Exorcist! by Karl Wellar




3 thoughts on “MrLuvva’s Luv-In #42

  1. Wish I had something to share, but my blog reading time has evaporated this week. 😦 Alas, you’ve got plenty for us to bookmark here. Now to scrape out some time to read!


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