The Division Impressions

….when Society Falls, We Will Rise


I thought long and hard about this, it was originally going to be a review but I whole-heartedly feel that giving a game like “The Division” or even games like “Diablo” or “Destiny” a definitive score is not the wisest decision. Let me explain.

The Division is a third-person-looter-shooter. So just like game like “Diablo” or “Destiny” and “Borderlands” you go around killing enemies, doing missions and leveling. However, just like in all of those games – getting to max level is just the beginning. It opens the door for the game to really begin.

Sure, the missions are good, some of them are downright very challenging – even is the normal difficulty! But in my opinion they are the means to the end. For the record, it took me roughly 31-32 hours to get to that cap, with a few hours of that being spent in the Dark Zone – but I will go further into that later.

So, what happens when you get to the max level? What makes it that this is the “starting point” for these types of games for me. Well, I love being sucked into games, I like sinking a lot of my free time into these games and running around with weapons and other gear that a lot of the player base may never own. Purely because you have to grind it out and be patient. Essentially it becomes a second job but I don’t like that term because this is fun for me.

Sure, if it is not done well it can be quite the turn off. Destiny fell off at the “end game” for me. The grind just wasn’t fun and to be perfectly honest, was down right ridiculous. They fixed it a bit with “The Taken King” expansion but just not enough. At this point I will just ignore Destiny until Destiny 2 and hope they resolve this issue – I am not sure they can via expansions for the base game.

In the division you have a multitude of ways to gather these high-end weapons and other gear. You can go into the dark zone, kill enemies and rogue agents and gain XP and once you reach certain points better gear has a better chance of dropping. Now I get this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, it is incredibly tense but immensely fun – especially when you are in a group of 4 and run into another group of 4. It becomes a some-what Mexican stand-off. It’s great.

But if that isn’t for you, you can go through the “normal” map and do side missions (which are brilliant by the way!) Encounters on the other hand are fun at the beginning, but when they rinse and repeat the same thing over and over it becomes less so. Also, I hope I never have to do another “Supply Retrieve” mission. Also remember to kill any named enemies at level 30, they have a chance to drop yellow gear and guaranteed 1-3 Phoenix Credits.

After over 50 hours in game, I am starting to get my yellow gear piece by piece and have been trying to grind out the “Challenge Missions” which are, as the title suggests incredibly difficult. If you get a co-ordinated team they are less frustrating but if you go down the public matchmaking route be prepared for people to drop like flies – this has happened a lot but you will eventually find a group who will stick with you from beginning to end (and maybe even re-run it if you want too!) Doing these missions will land you 30 guaranteed phoenix credits at the end and a guaranteed yellow drop (however they can level 30 instead of gear level 31). If the mission is in daily rotation it will also get you another 20 phoenix credits guaranteed first time you beat it.

All in all, I genuinely love this game. It has more in common with Diablo than Destiny and the grind to get “Incursion Ready” for next months free content update – I have plenty more to do!

Have you got The Division yet?

How are you finding it?

Let us know in the comments!


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