MrLuvva’s Luv-In #15

Week 15 and boy oh boy do I have a great list of posts for you (late) this Monday Evening!

As always click each link and give this articles a read! Maybe leave a comment, maybe even hit them up with a follow! In my opinion they are all worthy of that!

Hope you enjoy this weeks offerings!

What Will The FFVII Remake Look Like? – Hatmonster looks at what will stay, and more crucially, what needs to go to make FFVII look and feel like a 2015 video game and not a relic from an era long gone.

Turning the last page on a hot, summer afternoon – A beautifully written post and deeply personal post from Murf, a truly beautiful post.

B-List “DayZ” Clone Thinks You’re A Sexist Bastard – A really humourous investigation into Facepunch’s decision to remove all character customisation in ‘Rust’ – is it a Social justice conspiracy? Is it a decision to streamline the game? Are we all racist bastards? Go read DrJohnGalt’s post to find out!

I’ve been Liebsterized!!!!! – In which Zerne gets the Liebster award! I love posts like this, it allows us to; momentarily, look beyond the words on our screen and see the person behind them! Also I found a few cool blogs on his nomination list! GG Zerne!

Soundtrack Central: Best Music From Early 2015 Part 1 – In which GamerCrash looks at and links us to some really good music! I love game OSTs as much as the next guy and this list is pretty flawless!

Desensitization: The Good Kind  – Braxwolf looks at how gaming has desensitized his ADHD son from the rudeness (some may call it abuse) from others! A feel-good story about gaming? Who’d have thought that, eh?

Five Disappointing Games – A new blog that I follow and it has appealed directly to my heart by being a list article! I love me a good list, and this my friends, is a good list! Some controversial choices in there but they are well argued and, of course, are personal opinion!

The Beautiful Game: Rocket League’s Simplicity and Unpredictable Fun  – Although Cruel Ultimatium mistaken attributes World of Tanks with the inspiration behind Rocket League (it is in fact a sequel to 2009’s Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars) but this is a great post that highlights all that is good with the superb Rocket league! A shoe-in for sports game of the year!


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