Resident Evil Zero HD – The Bad News

Last week I reviewed the least famous entry in the Resident Evil series (but still superb); this was prompted by a recent play-through and the news that ‘Resident Evil Zero’ is getting a beautiful looking HD remaster early next year. This got all us Resi fans foaming at the mouth, all over the internet we had fans proclaiming that because Capcom are remaking this; oft-forgotten and oft-derided, entry surely it is only a matter of time before they move on to the big one!

The remake the world has been crying for 10-odd years.

‘Resident Evil 2’.


Still infinitely playable, still brilliant!

I hate to be the barer of bad news; I also hate to be the one who is pointing out the obvious; but I personally think that there is no way that Capcom are going to go down the avenue of remaking/remastering ‘Resident Evil 2’. There are a number of reasons that I believe this to be the case – I’ll share them with you (engage list mode)

1) It would be far too expensive

Lets just face it ‘Resident Evil 2’ came out on Playstation in 1998, with a polygon count in the hundreds and pre-rendered backgrounds in a resolutions somewhere south of 460p the development costs of remaking this would be astronomical! If we go through the recent history of remasters/remakes there is an obvious trend…

‘The Last of Us’ – Originally PS3, remastered for PS4

‘Journey’ – Originally for PS3, remastered for PS4

‘Prototype’ – Originally for PS3/360/PC, remastered for PC/Xbox One/PS4

‘Resident Evil’ – Originally for PSOne, remade for NGC

‘Code Veronica’ and ‘Resident Evil 4’ HD – Originally for PS2/Dreamcast/NGC, remastered for PS3/360.

…have you spotted the trend?

It’s simply that remasters occur within one console generation! Developers ignore the games that have went a generation without being updated. The simple reason is that it’s simply too expensive!

“FFVII!!!!!” I hear you roar. Yes that is happening, with an undisclosed amount of funding from Sony to maintain console exclusivity! I’m telling you right now, it’s a shit load of money…


the exception, not the rule!

…are Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo prepared to pay for a remake of RE2 – that’s the question now.

2) What the mainstream want and what fans want are totally different

If we take this pattern and apply it to RE2; it has went 2 console generations (and nearly 20 years) consider the jumps we have witnessed in those two generations and the case for the remaster/make gets weaker and weaker.

1) Pre-rendered backgrounds are non-existent nowadays

2) People expect RE to have the RE4 camera and control scheme

3) People expect a certain standard of graphics

To make RE2 look and feel like the way mainstream gaming fans expect would take far too long to apply to RE2 – what hardcore fans want is the same treatment for 2 as 1 got on the NGC. Without the change in camera angels, controls (I’d take type C tbh) etc.


the prettiest it got!

I fear that simply wouldn’t sell enough to warrant the aforementioned development cost.

3) It’s a genre that is dying

Last year there was somewhat of a survival horror renaissance, ‘Alien: Isolation’, ‘Slender The Arrival’ and ‘The Evil Within’ all came out within a few weeks of one another and the promise of a new ‘Silent Hill’ and ‘Revelations’ were on the horizon. Times were good for horror fans. Then 2 of the three that released were average. Alien and ‘RE: Revelations 2’ sold well below what it deserved and ‘Silent Hills’ got cancelled. We reverted back to a world with no survival horrors and it looks like it’s not coming back.


if you didn’t buy Alien: Isolation, I kinda hate you!

Why would Capcom remake a game with little to no market

4) It’s a beloved game

How many beloved games get remastered? Not many! RE2 would have a higher chance of being remade if it was slightly above or straight up average  – developers love updating average titles! For proof see – DMC 4, Prototype 1 & 2, Sleeping Dogs, Saints Row 4 and Injustice.


Is this really more worthy of a remaster?

Perhaps it’s expectation. Maybe it’s greed. Or maybe developers hate us.

5) You can’t have Resident Evil 2 without 3!

True fans know that the chronology of Resident Evil isn’t as simple as 1,2,3 – 3 is actually before and after Resident Evil 2!! Expertly weaving the narrative and events of both games makes 2 & 3 inseparable in my opinion (and many other RE fans).

Capcom are NOT going to remake 2 PSOne era games, no way!

And there we have it, definitive proof that there is no chance of us ever seeing RE2 remade for current hardware.

To console yourselves go download the original from PSN, it is still brilliantly paced, crafted and infinitely playable! You owe it to yourselves to replay this masterpiece, and number 3 while you’re at it!

to further console yourself, here’s what a remake may look like (although I dislike the camera angle) if they ever proceed with it.


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