Titanfall 2 Initial Impressions

…Prepare for Titanfall.

Titanfall 2

It’s been roughly 2 and a half years since the release of Titanfall 1. A game which had me so hyped up I actually went and bought a Xbox One specifically for after playing the hell out of the beta on PC. So, how does Titanfall 2 compare?

I must say first off, I thought this game was going to consume my life. The first one I put a lot of time into. It’s game modes and movement plus the added bonus of Titans reigning in chaos all around you created the perfect atmosphere for a fresh experience in the FPS genre.

So it is a great disappointment to me that after an hr or so in the beta I was done. I turned off the PS4 and put the controller away trying to surmise what I had just played in my head. Pilot v Pilot for a start – why is this even a thing? Did people want this? The maps are too big. There is no real indicator of where anyone is at any time (unless you use the pulse ability) and it literally feels like a cheap ‘Call of Duty’ clone. Terrible, just terrible.

Amped Hardpoint kind of redeemed the game for me. It gave me a sense of what the game could be. It’s basically domination but after the initial cap you can hold the point longer so you “amp” it to gain 2 points every 1 second instead of 1 point. It gave the game direction and not just random people popping up in random places..

Bounty mode was probably the best though….when my team mates weren’t treating it as a team death match. You get your money from calling waves of AI bots and you have to return it to your base before the enemy kills you and takes it. Of course people were just ignoring these waves then rage quitting when the opposition team got close to winning. Why? It’s a beta! WHY ARE YOU RAGE QUITTING?!

To be perfectly honest, Respawn Entertainment have made a bad bad choice in removing the AI from all game modes. That, plus that amazing soundtrack in the original game which played over the game gave an amazing sense of atmosphere and scale. But all the cry babies seem to have got their way and they are now gone. The player count hasn’t gone up though (varies from game mode to game mode) so the maps just feel empty now. The titan spawn rate is also ridiculous – takes far , far , far too long! Titanfall? More like Timerfall!

I am willing to give the game the time it’s original deserves from me, but I am now worried this has went from a Day One purchase to I’ll get it in a sale.

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