MrLuvva’s Luv-In #57

August is nearly gone which means that September is about to begin – and with September comes…

…the Christmas games rush! Colour me excited though, new games are coming and it’s not a moment too soon; I haven’t bought one since ‘The Division’ so i’m well overdue! On top of that the PSVR is getting so close I can almost taste it (prepare yourselves for an avalanche of VR articles) – as well as our annual “Frightfest” celebrations – it’s almost too much.

Getting back to the present though I have assembled a crack selection of posts for your enjoyment. As always make sure you support these fine writers with a click of their links and if you have a good post you want to share with us, then please link it in the comments below!

General Gaming Posts

FAST Racing NEO (Gamescom 2016 Footage) by JHLongman

Lifeless Planet – Stroll With A Spaceman by LonelyController (ButtonSmashers)

Enjoying The Deep Sea Mysteries of ABZU by Allahweh (ButtonSmashers)

F1 2016 Review – Podium Finish by Baden Ronie

Resident Evil 7 Zooms-In by PlayLegit

August 2016 Blog Update: Blogger Recognition Award by Mr Panda

It Should Have Been So Different: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City by Karl Wellar

ABZU REview: Experience The Beauty Of The Ocean by RaffyGraffiti (Geekend Gladiators)

Non-Gaming Posts

The Worst Movies Based On Videogames by RoboHeartBeat

What  I Think Of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by Syp

How Much Longer Can DC Survive Mediocrity? by TheNerdCritic

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