My Picks From Gamescom 2016

So Gamescom 2016 is underway and the information is slowly seeping out into the wild – some of the releases have been pretty awesome as well!


“Which ones Luvva?” I hear you scream – well slow down there partner; if I told you here (before the read more) then what will you read today?

I have been super impressed with much of what I have seen from Gamescom, there is a lot of good stuff coming our way; regardless of platform that you play on! So impressed in fact that I have had to edit this post down because there was just too much video causing the page to load way too slowly.

What follows then is the five games I am most looking forward to playing from Gamescom.

Titanfall 2 (PS4/Xbox One/PC)

I bloody loved ‘Titanfall’! I know MrJohnSherry also loved it because he literally bought an Xbox One to play it (then sold it on when he realised that the release schedule was a bit shit).

It is one of the most fun shooters that I have ever played that had weighty and satisfying gun play that not only rivalled ‘Call of Duty’ but bettered it in my opinion, it had a movement system that has been copied but never equalled (let alone bettered) and it looked and ran beautifully on the Xbox hardware.

The only thing that really held it back was the lack of a meaningful single player campaign – what was there was truly awful and it was a massive blemish on the otherwise smooth skin of ‘Titanfall’. ‘Titanfall 2’ has an actual campaign (which looks brilliant) and has added enough to the multiplayer side of things to make sure that it is fresh for veterans and not too complicated and off-putting for newbies.

I’m struggling to think of a better multiplayer shooter this gen than ‘Titanfall’ and I couldn’t be more excited for its sequel. I’ll be there day one – will you?

“Standby for Titanfall”

Resident Evil VII (PS4/Xbox One/PC)

Regular readers will know of my love for Survival Horror, and no game gets my heart racing like a new ‘Resident Evil’!

‘Resident Evil VII’ looks utterly fantastic, it looks tense, frightening and beautiful (graphically) Capcom promised that they would bring back the horror to the series and if these first glimpses of the game are anything to go by, they have succeeded!

I know that my excitement goes against the internet’s rage, which has went into a melt-down demanding a sequel for 6 (not too sure why) or a sequel to 2 (not 3 which is apparently not a “real” ‘Resident Evil’ either) because this is “not Resident Evil its Outlast 2”. Which is utter bullshit if you want my opinion. Capcom have unequivocally stated that there will be traditional ‘Resident Evil’ elements in this game including cheesy dialogue to bring levity, firearms and combat, item management and puzzles.

I can’t help but feel that Capcom are  going for the ‘VHS’ style of horror, a hub style world which the player is investigating a series of missing people in a traditional ‘Resident Evil’ style (albeit in first-person) with monsters and combat – then when you find a VHS tape it switches to this style of horror. At least, I hope it’s this because it sounds fantastic!

I’m gonna be here day one, with my VR headset on, playing the crap out of it – or me – whichever happens first!

Watch Dogs 2 (PS4/Xbox One/ PC)

‘Watch Dogs’ is a game that gets a raw deal from most gamers even though it was a very good game (as you can see here, in my review).

I can however see why a lot of people disliked the game, there was a sense of Ubisoft holding back with it – either through a lack of technical ability or through fear of affecting performance, or quite simply they ran out of time.

What ever it was the new trailer for the sequel eradicates this feeling and looks absolutely fantastic!

Everything about this sequel look amazing, from the graphics, the setting, to the sheer variety of things to do within it. I hope that the single player campaign has a good story. If it does then this could be the ‘Assassins Creed 2’ moment for ‘Watch Dogs’ – a huge leap in quality that gains the franchise mainstream acceptance and success.

Don’t cock this up Ubi – I need this!

The Crew: Calling All Units Expansion (PS4/Xbox One/PC)

Another Ubisoft game that gets sneered at by gamers; despite being very good (my review is here). ‘The Crew’ is a well supported title and this will be the second expansion in as many years.

Last year Ubisoft released ‘The Wild Run’ that was an absolutely fantastic expansion for the base game – it improved it by a huge margin as well as adding monster trucks, motorbikes, events and rewards; as well as a huge graphical upgrade. It really is a shining example of how to expand a game that other developers should take notice of and it is this reason that I am psyched by this surprise reveal at gamescom.

This expansion introduces the players to the police cars and I imagine it turns ‘The Crew’ into a modern version of ‘Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit’ which has all the hallmarks of being a potentially fantastic expansion.

Aside from the trailer there isn’t anything else to go on, but I am excited to see what they can conjure up for us.

Star Wars Battlefront: Rogue One X-Wing VR Mission (PS VR)

When this was announced at E3 I was sold on VR, instantly! I wanted the chance to fly an X-Wing in the depths of space in VR – this game represents dream fulfilment for me and I am hyped for it!

Although I haven’t seen any gameplay from the mission; and it is only a mission, for ‘Battlefront’ it is free; and the reviews I have seen for it from Gamescom have been universally stellar! Everyone has said how it is mind-blowing, and many commentators have stated that this has sold them on PS VR – needless to say, as a PS VR Preorderer I am super excited to hear this.

Now the wait for November begins, I hope the force is strong with this one…

Have you been watching Gamescom?

If so what are your picks from what has been shown?

Tell me in the comments below!


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