MrLuvva’s Luv-In #22

It has been a long week in Luvva Towers; I’ve been playing more games than I have in a long time, and making notes as I go (for reviews) while recording every single second of gameplay as I finally get around to making the effort of restarting my YouTube channel.

As they say, times are good…

…so too are the blog posts I’ve been reading. And here they are, as always support these writers and give each link a cheeky click!

Hour One – SOMA – a short post that houses a pretty cool video of GamerFuq’s playing SOMA – you guessed it, the video is an hour long, but it worth a watch to the end! The end is the best part!

9 Disturbing Fallout Vault Facts and Experiments – Another video post, another video well worth watching especially if you are excited for Fallout 4 (not long now…)

The Beginners Guide – A really good review of the game, with some stark truths for developer Davey Wreden. Indie Gamer chick got me laughing with some of her honest (and brutally so) truths about the game and the skills/arrogance of Wreden. That line about Jaden Smith though…Bravo!

Beginners Guide – Aggronaut presents the other side of the coin with his thoughts on the game…the joy of blogging is being able to get this type of post, both sides of a coin! A bloody good post!

Allison Road Set to Gouge Gamers’ Survival Horror Itch – A game that I have backed on Kickstarter, the spiritual evolution of P.T (the mega popular demo from Kojima) which looks brilliant! Gamer Dame has written a good post selling the game to prospective buyers! Go back it already!

The Good Dinosaur Trailer – Not video game related, but this looks wonderful! I’m a huge fan of Pixar and so is Counter Attack Gaming if this post is anything to go by! I am very excited!

No More Hand Holding – The DuckofIndeed has created post that analyses the good ol’ tutorial level, and if they are needed. Looking at things like buttons being explained (even though they do the same job is games) and cut scenes explaining how to use them (really?) do we need a tutorial level anymore? Go read duck’s post to find out!

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