MrLuvva’s Luv-In #7

Week number 7 and boy do I have a great list of posts for you to fill your lazy Sunday afternoon with!

In hindsight I wish I waited until today to introduce my 7 post improvement; damn me and my great ideas coming too early (oh matron!). Anyway digression aside here’s your seven posts which I think you should read and like; as always, please click the links and support these great bloggers!

Luv you all, bye!

Six years of Aggronaut: Belghast is an inspiration to any blogger new or old, and it is one hell of an achievement to hit the six year mark! Looking at his numbers I did feel a tinge of jealousy – but it’s not about that – he’s a great writer, a great blogger and I want to offer him a sincere congratulations!

Complexity is good: by Asmiroth over at Leo’s Life. Not going to lie, it was a struggle to understand everything that was written in this post (i’m not at all a fan of action RPGs), but the underlying message is one that I can get behind – in the age of “accessible” games (read as easy) we should be welcoming more complex systems in an effort to maintain balance to our fair hobby!

White Night: from over at Indie Gamer chick. This is a great review that; while scathing, retains a degree of a sense of humour! It is well reasoned and argued and although I’ve never played the game, I really don’t want to anymore – those problems sound like they’d piss me right off!

Chapter 4 Comic 10: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I really, really like Little Monster Girls comics, they are simple but very good! Go read!

VGM Week: “Cove” From Ultima Online: Bio break has had video game music up all week, but this one is special to me. As i’m sure you all know I LOVE UO! And although I would’ve preferred “Stones” to appear here, “Cove” is a great call! UOs OST is amazing and listening to this has made me anticipate Shroud of the Avatar even more.

Valve Opens the Floodgates with Paid Modding: This is the hot topic of the week. Valve has announced that developers can now charge for the mods they create and in usual form the internet has reacted in all sorts of ways (expect a good, bad and the ugly on this topic next week). GamerDame however has analysed the topic in great detail and with a real balance, if you’re particularly worried about this change I suggest you go read this post. Even if you’re not worried, go read!

New Blog Address: This was chosen to help get word out that Eri’s blog is no longer hosted on wordpress, but that it exists and you should defo go and read her incredibly good rants and stories!

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