1st Anniversary Celebrations #3

And here we are, at the tail end of April (already? but I want to highlight even more of my old posts) and my anniversary date has also passed.

Does this mean I am no longer a “newbie blogger”?

If so, what am I now?

Please read the highlighted post while I attempt to rectify this identity crisis to myself!

Games we’d love to see get HD re-releases! Part 1

Why have I picked this one I hear you scream from behind your keyboard and monitor (internet hard-lad eh?). Well, let’s just say that I love talking about the games that I played as a younger, better version of myself and the games that I truly love!

This list was written at a time when HD re-releases were getting a lot of stick (even though TLoU was just out and was amazing) and it was during Gamescom 2014! A good time for all gamers and it was my first summer of doing this…good memories!

Anyway, enjoy the article and if you feel like, leave a comment there.


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