MrLuvva’s Luv-In #51

For the first time in nearly 3 months, two Luv-In in as many weeks! I have been reading a ton of stuff this week (I really should learn to hit like and comment on more posts); on top of this I’ve actually been playing games too (shock! horror!) so you can expect content about some of that too!

As always guys – if you have read a post that you’d like to share, leave a link in the comment section and get it some attention 😀

Lets get to the posts!

General Gaming Posts

Niantic on “the future of Pokemon GO” by Mikentendo64

The Coin-Up Question: Which 7th Gen Title is the Greatest? by Play Legit

Furi Review – Furious Concentration by Wolf’s Gaming Blog

My Pokemon Journey by Quarter Circle Game Reviews

Why The F**k Is Evolve Back In Open BETA? by GamerFuqs

The VR Dilemma by Murf Versus

The Year in Gaming (So Far) by Me Vs. Myself and I

The 10 Commandments of playing First-Person Shooters by Cruel Ultimatium

“Putting the FUN in Fund drive” by Little Monster Girl

Bears Can’t Drift, Can They? by What Rhino Said

Game Review: Condemned Criminal Origins by  GamerDame

Hail To The Class of 2016 by The Ancient Gaming Noob

Non-Gaming Posts

In The Car After: Finding Dory by Geekend Gladiators


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