My Gaming 2016 to come…

In my last post I looked at the games I have bought, played and completed this year – simply put; its been a damn good year for me! But since we have been looking back, it only makes sense to turn our attention to the future.

I know I am not the only who plans out the games they will play in the coming months; right?


Here’s what the rest of the year holds for me in a gaming sense. You’ll be glad to know that its way more interesting than just ‘Pokemon GO’! but I can assure you that I’ll be playing the poop out of that when Nintendo and Apple pull their fingers out and make it available on iOS in Europe!

Evolve-DetailsFirst things first; the news today is that ‘Evolve’ has gone free-to-play. I played both the Alpha and the BETA and really enjoyed this game. However at the end of my BETA review I stated that I was holding off buying the full release in order to gauge how the community was progressing and it died on its arse within a month. As a result I never bought the game. I’m jumping in now its free, both feet first and without looking. I hope that it will keep me going for a month or two; ideally it’ll last me until my BIG purchase this year and my only preorder…

…the PSVR!


Now I am traditionally an early adopter; I love getting the newest tech – I don’t know why I like the newest thing; I just do! Recently though I have calmed down a lot; I have gotten out of the annual mobile phone refresh cycle (opting for a 2 year cycle) and I have never bought a console on day one (except for Gamecube and GBA) but when I saw the PSVR I had to have it!


When it was announced I jumped straight on to the GAME website (please don’t judge me; they are brilliant in getting things to you on release date) and pre-ordered it. I made the proviso to myself that if the E3 showcase for VR was crap I would cancel it. The showcase was excellent; more than excellent in fact it was borderline fantastic!

The day after E3 I got confirmation that I will be receiving my PSVR on release; 13th October, and I couldn’t be more excited! To go alongside my headset I have also pre-ordered ‘RIGS’, ‘Until Dawn: Rush of Blood’ and ‘PSVR Worlds’.

I’m also greatly looking forward to ‘Resident Evil 7’, ‘Star Wars: X-Wing VR Mission’ and ‘Batman VR’! This thing will dominate my gaming habits in the latter part of the year.

Expect a post explaining in detail why I am so excited for this!

Traditional Games

Because of the sheer cost of the PSVR my traditional gaming will be very limited come the holiday season. Plus there’s the fact that Mrs Luvva always puts an embargo on my spending come the end of September – which means I can buy nothing! I do have a short list of games and here’s what is on that list:

‘Titanfall 2’

Titanfall-2-640x353I loved the original ‘Titanfall’. It really was a breath of fresh air in the often stale FPS genre. It evoked memories of ‘Quake 3 Arena’ with its speed, fluid movement and vast amount of fun! Unfortunately the Xbox One didn’t exactly sell in great numbers and as a result the community dropped off quickly and the game died a death relatively quickly!

Hopefully the move to multi-platform helps the sequel gain the success it deserves! Especially because it looks to be everything the original was plus a whole lot more – who knows maybe we’ll see some of my suggested “new experiences”.

I know I’ll be there, day one!

‘Watch Dogs 2’

watch_dogs_2.0.0Again the original ‘Watch_Dogs’ was harshly treated by gamers in my opinion. I enjoyed its story and the multiplayer was a great addition to the game – it was a solid open-world game with buckets of potential.

This sequel is looking like it is going to take that potential and turn it into a great game! The character looks way more interesting than Aiden Pearce and the parkour looks incredible! I am fully predicting a ‘Assassins Creed 2’ style jump in quality…

…I bet that ‘Watch_Dogs 2’ becomes a gamers darling and everyone proclaims that they loved the series from the very beginning!

‘Pokemon Sun/Moon’

pokemon_sun_moon.0.0Everyone knows that I love ‘Pokemon’ by now right? (if not why not read my retrospectives here, here and here!) I am so excited on becoming accustomed to my Popplio (what? I like the little guy, he’s super cute) and conquering the Alola Pokemon League!

I have already spent far too much time on previous ‘Pokemon’ games and I know I will spend far too much here too, but you know what? I am God damn excited by that! If nothing else, it’ll be a great swansong for my beloved, launch 3DS.

The End

And that is it guys! This (as well as those games in my backlog) is my gaming year both behind and in front of me. There are a few titles that I am not excited for but will keep an eye on review scores and will pick up on offer if they are good (‘No Mans Sky’ and ‘Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’ I’m looking at you)!

What does the rest of the year have in store for you?

What games will you be playing and which will you be avoiding?

Tell me in the comment section!

5 thoughts on “My Gaming 2016 to come…

    • Yeah man, they have kept the core gameplay of NMS too tightly under wraps – I’m not one to get excited by huge numbers and “exploration” I need some meat on the gameplay bones! C’est la vie!


      • I’m betting the farm on it being a fantastic game. But that’s me. Perhaps you’ll jump on the hype train after release.


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