Zelda Breath of the Wild outsells Horizon Zero Dawn in the US

HorizonThe NPD have released the chart for the month of March and it makes for some very interesting reading indeed!  Continue reading


My Picks of E3 2016

E3 2016 was a damned good one! In fact it was the best in I can remember – which is funny, because I was really worried about E3 the week before; so much so I made a video about how publishers were trying to kill the expo!

You’ve probably already watched that video though, so here it is, my picks of E3 – the games that I am personally excited to buy!

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2nd Anniversary Celebrations #3

I’m gonna be honest here folks, the post that I was hoping to have done for today has fallen to the wayside! It won’t be ready until early next week, the bad news is that today will be another post highlight instead of brand new content.

The good news is that next week you get an extra piece of content to feast your eyes on and challenge your perception of gaming! (warning: it may not be that amazing!)

But I did promise you two full weeks of a post-a-day and that is what I will deliver! Continue reading