PlayStation Plus & Games With Gold February 2018

psplusAnother month, another “news” article that’s a solid two weeks late, but here nonetheless. I am well aware that you’ve probably played, completed and deleted them off your console in preparation for next month; but this is for my “who wins 2018” post next January.

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PlayStation Plus VS Games with Gold 2017

psplusEvery year war is waged between Sony and Microsoft fanboys up and down social media and the across the globe – they use absolutely everything they can in order to get the upper hand on their rivals (and their console of choice). In recent years however, this war has been getting decidedly one-sided when it comes to console exclusive games; which has meant that Xbox fanboys have had to resort to looking upon the battlefield of the subscription service – Games with Gold vs PS Plus has become a minefield of the fanboy and it is a dangerous place to be! Continue reading

MrLuvva’s Luv-In #54

Now we’re trucking, 4 in a row!

As I type this, I had a thought – there is no official art for the Luv-In! I really should whip one up for next week (or alternatively, if any reader has a penchant for playing with photoshop, feel free to create one :P) – there’s something to look forward to; well aside from the kick ass posts I’m gonna pick!

It goes without saying; but I’m gonna say it anyway, if you know of any awesome blogs/posts then please link us in the comment section (shameless plugs and self promotion is greatly encouraged).

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Expensive, But Really Cool, Gaming Presents!

Last week I compiled a list of Gaming Secret Santa gift ideas, that post gained a lot of interest (surprisingly) and although I had always planned on following it up with this post (and another). It now has a weight of expectation. I hope it doesn’t crush me!


Christmas is all about the giving and receiving of presents. Sure there is some religious thing too, a Jesus guy being born etc. But let’s be honest here, it’s about the presents…


In my last post we looked at the gifts you can get for less than a tenner. Today we are looking at those presents that are significantly more expensive; but are still affordable for the majority of us (although some saving may be required). These are the gifts we get for those gamers that we love.

Presents that any self-respecting gamer would love to receive.  Continue reading

Our Microsoft E3 Predictions

With MrJohnSherry kick starting our series of prediction posts with Sony, I thought I’d look at their big rivals; Microsoft!

I’ve went for a slightly different direction from Sherry, I’ve went with what I genuinely think they’ll run with and not what I’d like them to run with. Without further ado – may I present to you all, what I think MS will do this E3!

Gears of War (including 4 & HD Collection)

The HD collection has been heavily rumoured for months now; hell it even had a screenshot leak.


The leak only confirmed Gears 1 but I will be shocked (and horrified) if this HD Remaster was not a trilogy pack! I couldn’t imagine fans being happy with the first game being a standalone remaster.

I fully expect the Markus Fenix Collection(?) to be officially unleashed this E3. I also reckon that it’ll come with a Gears of War 4 BETA too!

Speaking of GoW 4 that’ll be unveiled with a cinematic highlighting the new setting and new protagonist. Continue reading

Best Streams on Twitch 2015 edition


Around this time last year I compiled a list of the top streamers you should watch right away; maybe even yesterday! Like everything in technology, streaming is incredibly competitive and there is a little arms race going on at the moment, this is great for us viewers as the content is just getting better and better!

We’ve been meaning to update this for a while, and what better time that during our big anniversary celebration?

Don’t worry thought you’ll find no shameless self promotion of my stream anywhere in this article! I’m not that shallow!

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The Good, The Bad and the Ugly: Game Delays

Another new feature? In this series I will be looking at a topic that is hot, and picking some of my favourite posts! I will be quoting and linking so make sure to check them out! These posts will have a question posed of you so do leave a comment 😀


When a game gets announced publishers know that the first question they are going to have to field is “When is ‘game x’ out?”

Nowadays; in the digital age, when a game gets announced it is almost always given a tentative date i.e. “Fall 2015”. Its vague and it gives the developers a four month window with which to polish, QA and release.

However there is an art to announcing a release date, too late and you risk people not caring – the internet will be aflame with comments such as “Why are you telling us this is coming now?!?!!?!?” and “TWO YEARS? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?” and of course the cracking out of everyone’s favourite meme:


Announce a game and give a release date that is too early and you risk much more than this…you are risking the franchise, its reputation and its quality.

Personally I would rather that a game gets delayed if it is going to benefit the title and give it a higher quality (it is seldom a bad thing), I don’t mind waiting an extra four months to play a cracking title…it’s better than the alternative:


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