SWAT Spiritual Successor Ready or Not Revealed! 

A few years ago (to coincide with the release of Battlefield: Hardline in fact) Sherry and I looked at the best representations of cops in games – and while his choices were all incorrect; mine was the absolute right answer. To this day the sub-genre of police-based shooters is still ruled by SWAT 4 and while this is undisputable; it could find itself some new competition… Continue reading


Top 3 Police Games

….You have the right to remain fun!


Seeing as ‘Battlefield: Hardline’ got released this past week (and it is a damn lot of fun!) I thought it would only be fitting for us to go through the history of video games, and for I to pick my top 3 games in which you get play the good guy!

So without further ado, let’s get right into it!

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Battlefield:Hardline BETA…my thoughts


Bad Boys, Bad Boys, whatcha gonna do?

I recently played the “BETA”; and I use that term lightly, for the latest in the super-successful battlefield series, ‘Hardline’. The reason I’m down on calling this a BETA is because it is so close to release that our input will make no real impact on the final product; well beyond the expected day one patch.

I just wish publishers would bring back the term demo, because that is what this is.

What did I think of the experience?

Grab a pew and listen closely!

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