Weird Game Pricings

….it never works out 1 to 1 does it?


Here in the UK we are used to getting slightly ripped off for new game prices – especially in the digital space. When a digital only game releases over here and it’s going to be $20 that usually equates to an almost guarantee that it will be £15 or £15.99 on the UK store. Sometimes though, things happen that go a step further into the bizarre. Continue reading

Deformers Beta Information

…can you fly bobby?


No, no no, this is not an April fools! Ready At Dawns new game is getting an open Steam beta this weekend! This isn’t what you are probably expecting from Ready at Dawn after the dark and gritty game that was “The Order 1886.” They have replaced the rough looking men and werewolves for…. fluffy fat animals? Continue reading

The Christmas games rush is killing the industry!


Every year is the same; there are little to no games released in July/August and come mid-October the excrement hits the fan and, seemingly, every week has 3/4 blockbusters released. Commonly this time of year is called the “Christmas Games Rush” and it has been a fixture of the industry since the dawn of time.

The games rush exists for one thing and one thing only; to capitalise on the holiday season and to eek out a few more sales. As a business decision it makes perfect sense; people are willing to spend more money around October to December as financial reports will attest – so releasing games in that period WILL see bigger profits. Right?

Well; if this year is anything to go by, no. No it’s not. The winter games rush brings with it several massive problems for the industry that, should they go unchanged for much longer, it will destroy it! Continue reading

Making A Fanboy


Over the past few weeks I have had several encounters with fanboys on the twittersphere. I have no idea how I keep finding these people but at times my feed was full of vitriol and, quite frankly, bullshit being presented as fact.

Now I am a rational man, with no allegiance to a company (or companies) who are out to take as much of my money as they possibly can, and when I tried to converse with these people I took an unholy amount of shit from them! I’ve been called everything from “an f*$king idiot” to “a stupid c&$t” and everything in between over the past two weeks. Needless to say I’ve blocked a lot of people from twitter and steam on account of them being a dickhead first and a fanboy second.

What is it about gaming that attracts these people? Continue reading