Games That Got Better Over Time

…patches will fix everything!

a realm reborn

In light of the magnificent release of No Man’s Sky patch 1.3 I thought we should take time to appreciate other games and developers that never gave up through sketchy initial releases and make the game live up to it’s full potential! Also, I am back!  Continue reading


Our Third-Party E3 Predictions

With MrJohnSherry covering our Nintendo predictions that means there is only the small issue of the third-party conferences to look at.

I’m gonna try to avoid the stuff we already know is coming and roam into a more speculative mood, unless there is a specific detail I think about a title (BETA for example). Because this is quite a massive heading everything will be pretty brief so you’re not subjected to a wall of text.

Enjoy my last predictions! Hopefully we’ll be as right as these as we were the New model of Xbox One (albeit it only had a larger HDD but still)! Continue reading

This week at LuvvaLuvva towers (18-24/08/2014)

Its been a slow week at LuvvaLuvva towers due to hardware malfunction and other technical difficulties, but as always we will collate everything we’ve done this week on this one handy page. You’re welcome.

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A Quick History Of Third Party Exclusives…


Well Gamescom was quite the show wasn’t it? Undoubtedly the biggest controversy was the reveal that Rise of the Tomb Raider is a timed-Xbox exclusive. The internet exploded into a fan-boy rage with people shouting “BOYCOTT” at the top of their lungs (from atop their soapboxes). I’ll admit i was angry with the reveal, but the news that followed softened the blow, i’ll play it on my 360 (cross generation games in 2015? maybe i was right with this blog post). It got me wondering though…this cannot be the first time this has happened…and I was right.

So buckle yourself in as we look through the history of third-party exclusives; some of these may shock you…some won’t.

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