Gotta Go Fast – An Alternative Perspective

SonicForces-Logo-1024x713.jpgIt happens often in real life but rarely on these pages however the article that my esteemed colleague; MrJohnSherry, published the other day had me frowning in disagreement. He gave a valid and candid critique on the state of the Sonic franchise, but at the same time I feel that he misrepresented the loveable scamps adventure and so I’m here to try to add balance and to give you guys another take on the ‘Sonic Forces’. Continue reading


Got To Go Fast!

…but is Sonic headed for another ice berg?

sonic mania

This past few months has been pretty great to be a Sonic fan right? SEGA seems to have got their priorities in check and giving the fans what they want with the upcoming Sonic Mania – even though it has just been pushed back from Spring to Summer, at least it is coming and it looks great! However, there is another. Continue reading